COVID-19 Dashboard

The University of New Haven is committed to transparency as it communicates information pertaining to COVID-19 to all members of our community. This dashboard has been designed to accurately reflect statistics in a clear and concise manner. This data is University-wide and will be updated regularly.

Last Updated: October 18, 2020


ORANGE (Moderate Risk)

New cases on campus are increasing and may continue to do so for the next few days.
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COVID-19 Data

Current case data is displayed by default. Use these buttons to toggle between additional data views.


Current Data

The data in this section of the Dashboard will be updated daily, as cases are confirmed positive, or previously-positive individuals are cleared for return to campus. The positive cases listed in this section will be included in the weekly and cumulative data when they are updated each week.


Current Reported Cases
(as of 10/18/2020, including on-campus tests and self-reported off-campus tests)
New Cases (past 7 days)

53 (-2)

Active Student Cases

86 (-42)

Active Faculty/Staff Cases

1 (No Change)


Click here to see a breakdown of active cases by residence hall. Residence halls not listed here do not have an active case that originated in that hall. All students that test positive are moved from their original residence hall into isolation housing. This graphic will be updated periodically.


Isolation (as of 10/18/2020)
Students in Isolation (on campus)


Isolation Beds Available


Students in Isolation (off campus)


On-Campus Isolation numbers include only residential students who have elected to stay in isolation housing on campus for their isolation period. Residential students can also choose to isolate at a private residence off campus (i.e. at home). Commuter students, faculty, and staff will isolate off campus. Please see this page for more information on isolation.


Quarantine (as of 10/18/2020)




The quarantine numbers can fluctuate as the contact tracing process is completed for new cases and as some students choose to go home for quarantine.