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‘I’m Certain the Centennial Ball Will Entertain You as We Celebrate One Hundred Years of Success’

I am looking forward to celebrating the University’s 100th birthday at the virtual Centennial Ball on Saturday, October 3, while enjoying great music with my fellow Chargers. I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate our history and our future.

September 29, 2020

By Sadie Fraser-Read ’24

Image of Sadie Fraser-Read
Sadie Fraser-Read ’24.

What could be better than celebrating the 100th year of our amazing University? Celebrating with the arts, of course!

As someone who has been involved in the arts for my entire life, I know just how much music can bring a group of people together – especially during times as unprecedented as these. With the amazing lineup we have planned for our Centennial Ball, these artists are sure to wow the audience, leaving them wanting more after each act. Register NOW to join me on Saturday, Oct. 3, for an evening we won’t soon forget.

Sadie Fraser-Read in New York City.
Sadie Fraser-Read in front of the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City.

People may not always be aware of it, but music surrounds us constantly. From the lobby of a hotel to the local coffee shop, music is a big part of our lives. With many genres available for people to enjoy, each person is likely to find their favorite and easily connect with others who enjoy the same style.

I grew up surrounded by the arts, and live theatre is an incredibly important part of my identity. The music, the messages, and the people involved have shaped me into who I am today and taught me many lessons that I can apply to other areas of my life.

The musical theater industry thrives off entertained audiences. Artists rely on exposure to support the industry and help it succeed. Events that expose the world to theater, such as the Centennial Ball, are important to the industry, as they introduce audiences to theater who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Events such as Broadway Sings at the Centennial Ball are amazing ways for people to become familiar with the world of Broadway. Hosted by special guest Audra McDonald, a six-time Tony Award winner, I’m certain the Centennial Ball will entertain you as we celebrate one hundred years of success at the University of New Haven.

Sadie Fraser-Read ’24 is a hospitality and tourism management major at the University of New Haven.