A successful transition

The Foundation program provides all entering students with a common first year experience that prepares them for a successful transition to their sophomore year and choice of major. The program develops fundamental artistic proficiencies in drawing, painting, sculpture, color, and design based on the observation of nature including the human figure. Students successfully completing the Foundation curriculum are able to demonstrate a consistent level of basic competencies including an understanding of visual arts principles and the ability to translate the observed environment into drawn, painted, and sculpted form with a reasonable degree of technical skill and vivacity.

New Student Seminars

New Student Seminars

The New Student Seminars are a year-long non-credit series of presentations that are required for graduation. The purpose of the seminars is to give additional educational focus to students’ preparation for collegiate success and professional readiness. Grading is based on attendance and participation, and is strictly “Pass/Fail.”

Successful completion of the New Student Seminars is a requirement for graduation.

Students who are not required to attend the seminars are welcome to attend any session they would like on a space available basis.