A classical education for contemporary artists

Lyme is one of the best fine arts colleges in the country, boasting a track record of preparing students to shape the impact that art and creativity have on our society. Its time-honored programs reflect a deep respect for both traditional and innovative forms of teaching, providing an unrivaled foundation for developing unique visual expressions.

‘Lyme and Art are Synonymous’

Part of the University of New Haven, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, a town so rich in artistic history that Florence Griswold once said that “Lyme and art are synonymous.” A Lyme education not only stimulates artistic expression but also instills in our students the critical thinking and analytical skills that make artistic creativity relevant and applicable to an ever-changing world that features new opportunities and infinite choices.

The importance of a fine arts education has been reaffirmed for generations. At Lyme, students have long had limitless opportunities to apply their creativity to contribute in profoundly meaningful ways to the world in which they live and work. This creativity is solidly based on the mastery of representation – that is, figurative art – that infuses, empowers, and distinguishes the College’s world-class curriculum.

Lyme educates the emerging artist through rigorous studio-based disciplines, internships, mentor and assistantship programs, field studies, and semester abroad programs, including study at our Italian campus in Tuscany. The field of engagement is further broadened by Lyme being part of the five-college consortium at the nationally ranked University of New Haven. The University’s broad spectrum of courses and cross-disciplinary opportunities ensure that Lyme students acquire the skills needed to thrive in the creative economy and work force.

Throughout the ages, the importance of art has been reaffirmed by virtually every generation. Art defines civilization, captures and communicates a society’s ethic, records history, documents the present and imagines the future.

This alone validates the need for the training and development of artists. But beyond the creation of art itself, the education of art students at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts (Lyme) prepares them to apply their creativity to develop profoundly meaningful contributions to the world in which they live and work.

Lyme was founded on a basic principle – mastery of representation, figurative art that infuses, empowers and distinguishes its art education curriculum. Students learn that the core of their personal artistic creativity must come from their ability to portray the world as it is before they can express their individual visions of the world as their creativity imagines it.

The vigorous assimilation of Lyme’s unique approach brings this special education into a lifelong way of thinking for our students and our community. Lyme not only stimulates artistic expression but also teaches the critical and analytic thinking that makes artistic creativity relevant and applicable to a world where adapting to new opportunities, myriad choices and the complexities of change has become imperative. In addition, our partnership with the University of New Haven allows students to engage in collaborations that bridge the arts with the disciplines of the sciences, mathematics, engineering and business. Coupled with a program of study abroad that exposes students to global influences, Lyme offers an education in art that exceeds art for its own sake.

This educational triumvirate – training in classical art as the foundation for ultimate creative self-expression, alignment with the diverse academic offerings of a dynamic University and an opportunity for international study and experience–is a transformation in art education that is the hallmark of Lyme.


Todd Jokl, M.F.A., Ed.D.
Campus Dean, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

University of New Haven

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Senior Studio Exhibition Time-Lapse

Seniors at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts of the University of New Haven talk about their four-year experience at LYME. The backdrop of the video is a time-lapse showcasing the hard work that goes into the Senior Studio Exhibition. Throughout their academic careers, Lyme students work towards honing their techniques and skills in support of developing and creating a body of work to be curated, mounted, and exhibited. The imagery of this video supports how they are involved in each step of the process.



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