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Find a book in our library using the online library catalog
Find an e-book full-text online
Find a book in reQuest: Connecticut Libraries' Statewide Catalog  Click on "Search reQuest - the State Library Catalog") contains the holdings of most Connecticut academic, school, and public libraries, as well as the State Library.


Find all full-text journals available at the library using this journal locator tool.  You will find all available full-text electronic journals as well as print and microform holdings.  You will also be able to find relevant journals by browsing journal subject.  You must have a University of New Haven network account in order to access the full-text electronic journals.

Databases and Online Indexes

Access to Library Databases and full-text journals online.  Please note that you must have a University of New Haven network account in order to access the full-text electronic journals.

Databases by Subject

Request Interlibrary Loan Service

If the Marvin K. Peterson Library does not own a book or journal article which you might need for your studies and research, you may request the materials through our interlibrary loan service.  Please allow at least 3-5 days for article requests and 1-2 weeks for books.  You will be notified via e-mail when a book has arrived for you to pick up at the Library's Circulation Desk.  If you are unable to come to the Library, please let us know, so that we can make arrangements to ship the book to your home address.  Journal articles will be sent to you as an electronic attachment via e-mail whenever possible.  Otherwise, you will receive e-mail notification as to when you can pick up the article in the Library.  If you are unable to come to the Library, please let us know, so that we can send the article to you through the U.S. postal service or fax it.  

To make a request for an article or a book, please use the online forms.  You must have a University of New Haven e-mail account to access either of these forms.


©Primer from the Center for Intellectual Property at University of Maryland University College.
The © Primer is an introduction to issues concerning copyright ownership and use of information. The interactive tutorial overviews the underlying principles behind copyright in the United States, outlines the requirements for copyright protection as well as discusses the parameters of use and access of copyrighted material.

Baruch College. "Interactive Guide to Using Copyrighted Media in Your Courses"
A handy guide tailored to faculty. Required download: Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher.

NOLO. "When Copying is Okay: the 'Fair Use' Rule"
Includes examples of copyright conundrums.

Cornell University Law School. Legal Information Institute. US Code Collection.
"Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use."
A succinct explanation of Fair Use.

Conducting Basic Library Research

This guide was designed by one of our reference librarians to assist students in doing basic library research.  The guide takes you through the research process as it acquaints you with the various types of library materials. Use this guide as a tool for selecting a topic for an actual assignment, or just follow along as it pursues a sample research project using a time-proven strategy.

Subject Guides

The professional librarians on staff have prepared over 30 subject library guides to assist you in your research and studies.  Each guide lists recommended journals, books, reference materials, websites and other resources, which will be of interest in that particular field.  You will find a wide range of subject covered including Education, Psychology, National Security, Forensic Science, Global Studies, Law, Chemistry, and History. 

Course Guides

The professional librarians in collaboration with faculty have prepared a number of course specific guides for students.  Check the listing to see if one is available for the courses you are enrolled in.

Research Guides

Our reference librarians have prepared a series of research guides to aid you in finding information.  The areas included are finding articles, finding financial aid information, finding government documents, finding statistics, a graduate funding guide, and using the library's online catalog.

Style Guides

Our reference librarians have prepared style guides to assist you preparing a research paper.  An APA Style Guide and Turabian Style Guide are available.  A general Style Sheet for Research Papers is provided.  For assistance in using sources from online services we have Citation Management in Databases. 

Library Skills 

Librarians on staff have prepared guides on library skills which have proven to be helpful to students.  They cover topics such as finding articles, e-books, databases demystified, evaluating web sites for academic research, and primary resources for historical research. 


Library Workshops which have been recorded are available at:

The professional librarians on staff have prepared tutorials which will help you learn about the resources that we offer.  These tutorials help students become acquainted with an academic library and learn about our many services.

Database Searching Tutorial
The Database Searching Tutorial is designed to help you understand how to search databases effectively.  In this tutorial, you will log into a database to do searches that replicate ones that we have done and compare your results to ours.

Online Library Catalog Tutorial
The Library Catalog Tutorial will show you step-by-step how to search and find books and other materials in our online library catalog.

Virtual Reference Tour

The Virtual Reference Tour will help you find your way around the Peterson Library and should give you an overview of resources you can use for your research. 

Need Assistance?

If you require any further assistance, please make use of our Ask a Librarian services.  Feel free to contact our librarians for help with your research. There are many ways to contact us; choose the mode you prefer.