Computers in the Library

The Marvin K. Peterson Library has seventy-nine (79) Dell desktop computers and eight (8) iMacs for our students, faculty and staff.  You will need to log onto the computer with your University of New Haven e-mail account user-name and password.  All other users will need to speak with a Librarian at the Information Desk.  Each of these computers has the Microsoft Office Suite and Internet connectivity.  

The Library also has forty-five (45) Dell laptop computers and six (6) iPads available for use by currently enrolled University of New Haven students, faculty and staff.  Laptops can only be used in-house for a 3 hour time period.  Laptops have the Microsoft Office Suite and SPSS.  Laptops automatically connect to the University of New Haven campus network when booted up.  To find out more about the policies and procedures regarding these laptops go to the "Library Laptop In-House Loan Policy and Procedures" page. 

All patrons using a library computer or library laptop are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the Library's Electronic Services Access Policy.

Currently enrolled students of the University of New Haven will need to swipe their University of New Haven ID card to release printouts at the device dedicated to the print management system.  Current faculty and staff of the University of New Haven should request assistance at the Information Desk if they need printouts.  All others can print for 10 cents per page.

The entire library is a University of New Haven wireless zone.  In addition, there are 130 network connection boxes on the walls and columns near individual carrels and desks that allow you to plug your laptops directly into the University of New Haven campus network.  These are located on all three floors.  All you need is an Ethernet card and network cable to connect to the campus network.