Director, M.S. CJ Program: Christopher Sedelmaier, Professor, Ph.D., Rutgers University

The University of New Haven’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice is a professional practice program — that is, it prepares you to go into a career, unlike the master’s programs in some other schools, which are less professionally focused. We have the second largest Criminal Justice faculty in the country with a broad range of specializations, supporting many specialized courses in Criminal Justice.

Recognized as a national leader in criminal justice education, the University of New Haven offers an exciting, 36-credit master’s degree program in criminal justice. Students in the program study alongside leading professionals in law enforcement, investigation, politics, forensic science, and law. Internship and research opportunities in the program lead to fulfilling careers in government agencies, court systems, and more. Customize your studies by selecting one of the program’s four concentration areas:

Criminal Justice Management – Offered in conjunction with the public administration program, this concentration prepares students for successful careers in the administration and management of public safety agencies.

Forensic Computer Investigation – Obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to address issues in computer crime, network security, and internet vulnerabilities.

Forensic Psychology – Examine the impact of psychology on the justice system with courses in mental health law, forensic assessment, psychotherapy, abnormal psychology, and more.

Victimology - Analyze the role of victims’ rights in the justice system with coursework that focuses on serving and understanding victims of crime, their families, and the community at large.

You may also be interested in our M.S. in National Security and Public Safety program, which was the first of its kind in the country when it began in 2001. The program covers extensive homeland and international security issues, information security, government policy, terrorism, and more.

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