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The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts community is just that -- a community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers, donors, friends, neighbors and art lovers -- bound together by a deep appreciation for the mission and unique quality of art instruction at our College, and our role in preparing new generations of artists.

Please consider a contribution to Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts to support the College on its extraordinary path.

Reality Reimagined - The Campaign for Lyme

LYME sees the world from a unique perspective. Our students’ individual creativity is bolstered by a mastery of representational, figurative art–the ability to portray the world as it is so that they can then create their own interpretation.

Our students are exposed to a rich diversity of academic disciplines as part of the University of New Haven, to the inner-workings of the art world and creative businesses, and to life-enhancing opportunities of study abroad. The integration of classical art training and critical thinking, in the classroom and the studio, with an experience of art and creativity at work in the world, provide a springboard for our artists to express themselves with confidence and a strong sense of purpose in contemporary society.

It is no coincidence or mere happenstance that the creative community in and around Old Lyme has an art college in its midst. One could say that it was bound to happen, that a community enjoying the fruits of creativity would be committed to planting the seeds.

Your support, long time or new, of Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts will help ensure that the seeds of creativity, our young students, will develop as artists, as artful thinkers, inspired to enrich their community and make meaningful contributions to the world.

Your support will influence:
  • Art in Context
  • Academic Excellence
  • A Uniquely LYME Student Experience
  • Community and Alumni Engagement
Artful Minds Program

The hallmark of the LYME experience provides students with a wide range of opportunities enriching their understanding of creativity and their own artful means to express themselves as artists and creative professionals. Exposure to creativity in such fields as science, engineering and business, opportunities to learn from internships, mentoring programs, field studies, visits to creative businesses in various industries, travel abroad–all in all, providing an invaluable context for their artistic training.

Expansion of Opportunity

Unrestricted gifts expand the College’s capacity to take advantage of pivotal opportunities in such areas as student life, facilities, enrollment and community programs.


The gift of scholarship support allows LYME to attract and retain a student body with exceptional talent, many of whom would be unable to attend the College otherwise.