Michael Puglia, M.S., CPA

Michael Puglia Headshot
Practitioner in Residence
Coordinator, MS Taxation

Accounting and Finance Department
Pompea College of Business
About Michael

Michael Puglia has been affiliated with the University of New Haven for over ten years as an Adjunct Faculty, and in Accounting. His courses at the University have included graduate and undergraduate courses with an emphasis on financial accounting and international taxation. He received his M.S. in accounting from the University of New Haven in 1987.

Mr. Puglia is a large-case manager for the Internal Revenue Service, and a former international examiner. He has participated in the formulation of bilateral transfer pricing methodologies in conjunction with U.S. corporations under the auspices of Chief Counsel International in Washington, D.C. He has lectured extensively in the district as well as for the Continuing Professional Education of the North Atlantic Region of the IRS, on topics such as Technical Aspects of U.S. Taxation of Effectively Connected Insurance Income, International Mergers and Acquisitions, and Foreign Source of Income: Income from Single Source and Income of Compound Source.

Recently, Mr. Puglia was selected and trained as a financial products specialist in an effort to apply proper tax treatment to financial instruments relating to international transactions. Because many of the legal, accounting, and tax guidelines for financial products were formulated before the market for these instruments became popular, this area promises to offer new and interesting challenges.

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