John Jansen

John Jansen Image
Practitioner in Residence

Music Department
College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Connecticut: Stamford, Conn.
The School of Visual Arts: New York, NY
The U.S. Army: Vietnam

About John

The audio/music business is a dynamic industry that embraces new technologies and methods while retaining many legacy techniques and practices. The many applications of audio engineering skills in film & television, live venues, online and commercially recorded music share a basic understanding of acoustic theory and analog and digital technologies. By combining a theoretical foundation with active participation the essential components common to all audio disciplines are explored.

John Jansen is the instructor for Music Recording 1 & 2. Both classes stress the importance of signal flow and the techniques of recording acoustic and electric instruments to a digital medium. Music Recording 2 builds on the analog signal flow of Music Recording 1, while introducing the uses of analog multi-track recording. Both classes emphasize engineering procedures, and the skills of critical listening skills and collaboration.

John Jansen has over four decades of experience in the audio/music business having been an engineer at Electric Lady Studios (NYC), Chief Engineer at Ramport Studios (London UK) and a freelance producer, engineer and mixer. He has earned over 20 gold and platinum records and has worked such artists as: Meatloaf, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Television, Blue Oyster Cult, and The Who.