Anthony J. Santella, DrPH, MCHES

Anthony J. Santella Headshot
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Health Administration & Policy
Director of Doctor of Health Sciences Program

Health Administration and Policy Department
School of Health Sciences

Master Certified Health Education Specialist, National Commission for Health Education Credentialing
Advanced Certificate, Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership, Hofstra University
Doctor of Public Health, Health Systems Management, Tulane University
Master of Public Health, Health Policy and Management, Emory University
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Sciences, University of Connecticut

Leadership Positions

Board Secretary, The HIV League
Learning Institute Chair, American Public Health Association Education Board
Member, New Haven/Fairfield Counties HIV Planning Council
Member, Connecticut HIV Planning Consortium

About Dr. Santella

Dr. Anthony J. Santella is a tenured Full Professor and Interim Chair in the Department of Health Administration and Policy and Director of the Doctor of Health Sciences Program at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut. He is also a public health researcher, evaluator, advocate, and consultant. Previously, he held positions at Hofstra University, the University of Sydney (Australia), Long Island University, and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Anthony specializes in infectious disease prevention and control and has interests in HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and emerging illnesses like coronavirus (COVID-19). His research helps improve the health and well-being of several vulnerable communities including people who are living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS, gender and sexual minorities, justice-involved persons, youth, and people experiencing homelessness.

Anthony holds several leadership positions including serving on the Board of Directors and Secretary of The HIV League, a nonprofit organization which provides college scholarships to people living with HIV/AIDS, the New Haven-Fairfield Counties HIV Ryan White Planning Council, the Connecticut HIV Planning Consortium, and the New Haven Mayor’s Taskforce on HIV/AIDS. He also serves as an Academic Editor for PLOS One and a reviewer for several public health journals. Dr. Santella has been an active member with the American Public Health Association where he serves in leadership roles with the Joint Policy Committee and Education Board.

Anthony earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management from Emory University, a Doctor of Public Health in Health Systems Management from Tulane University, and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership from Hofstra University. He is also a Master Certified Health Education Specialist.

Recent Awards/Honors

Long Island Ryan White HIV Health Services Planning Council Distinguished Provider of the Year, 2020
Hispanic Counseling Center, Professional Achievement Award in Public Health, 2019
New York Health Commissioner’s World AIDS Day Special Recognition Award, 2018

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Book/Book Chapters
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Recent Conference Presentations
  • Willenbrock D, Santella AJ. Re-envisioning the role of student health centers in offering LGBTQIA+ friendly and sex-positive services. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, October 27, 2021. (oral)
  • Santella AJ, Bosley B, Carillo I, Fraticelli D, Muder SJ. “I wanted to be part of the solution”: Motivations, preparation, and mental health of contact tracers in New York. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, October 27, 2021. (oral)
  • Santella AJ, Krishnamachari B, Morris A, Zastrow D, Dsida A, Harper B. The role of mask mandates, stay at home orders and school closure in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic prior to vaccination. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, October 27, 2021. (oral)

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