Cyber Systems B.S.

In 1929, scientists made the startling discovery that the physical universe is expanding.  Not that many years later, we all discovered another universe that never stops expanding:  the information universe. One estimate puts the amount of data on the Internet at 5 trillion megabytes — and counting.  How do we manage all that information? That’s the job of information technology. Want it to be your job? Our program gives you all the tools you need to step into this dynamic, challenging, and ever-changing field.

Be the go-to person that companies depend on.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of IT to businesses, industries, and government organizations.  If their systems and programs don’t run smoothly, business and administration can slow or even grind to a halt.  The financial cost can be devastating.

Our program will give you a solid understanding of both practical and conceptual information technologies and a firm sense of the ins and outs of computer hardware, software, and design issues. 

By the time you complete the program, you’ll be able to design effective and usable IT-based solutions and integrate them into a user’s environment.  You should also be able to design and implement a system for a real application, either individually or as part of a team. 

Wondering about the difference between computer science and information technology?  In a nutshell, computer science focuses on software design and development, while information technology concentrates on managing the infrastructure and making those developments accessible to people and businesses.

Explore all areas of the field.

The Information Technology / Network Administration and Security program will take you into areas such as network design, network administration, network security, and cyber forensics.  You also will have an opportunity to complete a minor in a field that partners superbly with information technology — criminal justice and business, for example.    Interested in going on to graduate school? This program prepares you for masters programs in national security, network systems, and computer science. 

Visualize your career path.

What would your job title be?  Starting out, you could be a network technician, applications developer, biomedical computing technician, or network security technician.  With some years of job experience, think: network administrator or security manager.   Our alumni work for companies large and small, school systems, and government agencies.