Undergraduate Programs


Chemical Engineering

Our chemical engineering program will help you achieve the broad mastery of technology and science and go on to make the creative contributions the world is looking for.



The entire focus of the chemistry program at the Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University of New Haven is on undergraduate students.  That means you’ll get the kinds of hands-on opportunities most colleges delay until graduate school.


Civil Engineering

The tools you need for success in civil engineering are the tools you’ll find in our bachelor’s program.  As you become steeped in a climate that inspires innovation, you’ll broaden and deepen your knowledge through a painstakingly designed, interdisciplinary curriculum. 


Computer Engineering

Computer engineering involves the design and development of computer hardware and software and an understanding of how the computer and its devices interact — which is why computer engineering is closely allied with electrical engineering and computer science.


Computer Science

Because specific technologies so quickly pass their “sell-by date,” our programs supply the strong foundation in mathematics and computing that enables you to keep pace with what’s new and what’s coming up in the field.


Cyber Systems

The University of New Haven's cyber systems program provides a different focus from our computer science program, concentrating on the hands-on aspects of applications development and web design, or network administration.


Electrical Engineering

The University of New Haven offers a broad, career-oriented degree in the exciting and dynamic field of electrical engineering.  Graduates of the program gain the necessary foundation to practice in the field of electrical engineering or advance their education into postgraduate degrees.


General Engineering

The study of engineering needn’t lead to a career as a practicing engineer in a specific discipline.  You can use your engineering knowledge in one of many dynamic career paths.  Our program keeps things flexible — simply requiring that you select a minor from another recognized program at the University of New Haven.


Industrial and Systems Engineering

The world runs on systems — transportation systems, food-supply systems, communication systems, government systems, and many more. These huge systems need men and women with the special talent to ensure they run smoothly.  They need “big picture” people — industrial and systems engineers.


Mechanical Engineering

Tools and machines have lightened our loads and taken us from the far reaches of outer space to the inner workings of miniscule nano devices.  As a mechanical engineer, you can help write the next chapter in this fascinating story.


Focus Areas and Minors

A focus area or minor — an additional interest — adds dimension to your education.  It also opens up career possibilities that your major alone may not.  While your major determines the general field in which you’ll forge a career, a minor can help shape your career path within that field.