The University of New Haven offers a 30-credit master's degree program in computer science, blending the presentation of theory with hands-on practice.

Computer ScienceThis equips our students with a solid foundation of skills, and more importantly, the ability to adapt to the constantly evolving landscape of the computing discipline. As a result, our graduates are not only productive in their new jobs, but quickly rise to leadership positions.


A key aspect of our MS degree, as it can prepare you to enter the computer industry directly after graduation, or to continue your educational path to a Ph.D. A variety of electives allow you to customize your experience to suit your interests. You are encouraged to explore one of many focus areas currently in demand including: mobile applications, software development, big data, cyber forensics, wireless networking, system administration and more.

Make the Switch!

An additional feature of the program caters to those wishing to switch fields into the computer science realm. We have prepared a set of six bridge courses to help you transition from your previous background to a level of readiness that enables you to successfully pursue the rest of the degree program. Some of our best students began their journey in this manner and we encourage you to join them.

Experience the Computer Science Graduate Program

Hands-on Application

Several of our courses, as well as the final master’s project, involve addressing extensive industry-oriented challenges. For example, a student recently created a product dubbed “Auto TRE” (Automated Tolerance Range Evaluation) for which he designed and developed a system that digitally scans a manufactured part, processes the image data, and determines if the part’s dimensions are within specified tolerances.

Sample Courses

Advanced Database Systems

Network Administration

Artificial Intelligence

Network Administration

Computer Security

Object-Oriented Principles and Practice/C++

Digital Image Processing

Programming Project Management

Distributed Database Systems

Rapid Software Development

Game Design

Software Quality Assurance

Human Computer Interaction

Web-Database Application Development

IOS Programming

Wireless Computer Networks

Mobile Robotics


Sample Employers

Aetna, Inc.

Hershey Foods Corporation

AGS Information, Inc.

NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.




Shell Oil Company Foundation

Capital One

Sikorsky Aircraft 

Defense Information Systems Agency

Vitro Corporation 

General Electric


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