University of New Haven Visitors Policy & Access to Campus Guidelines

In order to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19, the University of New Haven must, and will, limit the number of visitors permitted on campus. The policies in this document address most scenarios regarding visits to campus. Any unforeseen scenarios will be handled on a case-by-case basis, while at the same time adhering to disease mitigation best practices. This policy will also address occasions when visitors will be permitted on campus and the guidelines that must be followed when visiting.

This document addresses the high-impact areas of visitor concerns for the University and are detailed by department. Where applicable, a detailed, comprehensive version of the department’s policy is attached. Faculty and staff should not have any immediate family members on campus for any prolonged period of time. For students, only immediate family will be allowed to visit campus. Exceptions to this policy are outlined in the attachments.

Changes From Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

Some policies and procedures have changed slightly between the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. To help the University Community identify the changes, they are outlined in a red box containing the text: Updates for Spring 2022:

Effective: Aug. 3, 2021; Last Revised: December 16, 2021

The following standards are being continuously reviewed, are subject to change, and will be modified as needed.

Face Covering Policy

Updates for Spring 2022: Name of policy changed from "Mask Policy;" All references to "mask" changed to "face covering."

All individuals accessing our campuses are subject to the University's Face Covering Policy that is in place at that time. Anyone coming to campus for any reason should review the Face Covering Policy found here.

Non-University Guests on Campus

Updates for Spring 2022: Clarified that students can invite guests to campus, provided they follow applicable guest policies and requirements.

For students, guests will be allowed to visit campus. For more information about inviting guests to campus, students should review the Student Handbook and review the Residential Life section of this page. Faculty and staff should not have any immediate family members on campus for any prolonged period of time.

Office of Residential Life (ORL)

Guests in the Residence Halls Revised: Sept. 3, 2021

Guest polices are designed to protect all students in the residence halls. Resident students are permitted to entertain guests, provided all guidelines are observed. Guests are defined as anyone present in a University of New Haven housing unit other than the student(s) assigned. Residents are responsible for the actions of any guest in their housing unit and building, as well as the actions of guests who are not members of the University community anywhere on campus.

Residential students are responsible for reviewing and abiding by the applicable policies found in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook contains the complete language of the following Residential Life policies:

  • Residential Guest Policy (pages 200-201)
  • Overnight Guest Policy (pages 201-202)
  • Homecoming and Spring Weekends (page 202)
  • Parent/Guardian Visitation (page 202)
  • Guest Sign-In Times (pages 203-204)
  • Guest Policy Violations (page 204)

Student Handbook

Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation (CSELO) and Recognized Student Organizations

Updates for Spring 2022: Removed section about no non-University guests, as this was changed mid-fall semester; Clarified that RSO events must follow University COVID policies in addition to CSELO rules and regulations.

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) will be permitted to have outside vendors contracted for events, by submitting an event registration in EMS that will be reviewed and approved by the COVID Task Force. These restrictions are subject to change.

RSOs holding events should comply with all CSELO rules and regulations for events and University COVID policies, and should use CoVerified to ensure attendees at their events are authorized to be on campus at that time, and help ensure face covering-wearing and safety at their events.

Event Guest Policy

Updates for Spring 2022: Removed reference to departing campus within 30 minutes following the completion of the event.

The following guidelines apply to ALL non-RSO events, both indoors and outdoors, including guest speakers for academic programs and classes. Specific requirements for some events may be shared by the event organizers (i.e. Commencement, Homecoming, etc.). Questions regarding guest attendance for specific events should be directed to the event organizer. Please note that the University’s intercollegiate varsity athletics events are governed under separate guidance from the NCAA and/or Northeast-10 Conference. Please see the section of this page under the heading, "Athletics."

  • Events occuring on any University of New Haven campus must be reserved in the Event Management System (EMS).
  • Only the Event Coordinator, as listed in the Event Management System (EMS), or their designee, may invite non-University guests to events.
  • All invited non-University guests must show proof of being fully vaccinated OR proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or viral antigen test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival on campus. Proof must be shown on arrival to the Event Coordinator as listed in the Event Management System (EMS) or their designee.
  • Guests will only receive permission to attend the specific event approved.
  • Non-university members attending on-campus events as guests may be restricted if the campus is at an alert level other than Green.
  • Compliance with this policy will be the responsibility of the event’s COVID compliance coordinator or the university member that is requesting a campus visitor.


Revised: Sept. 10, 2021

The University of New Haven Department of Athletics announced an updated fan policy that was in effect for the 2021 fall sports season and will continue in the 2022 spring sports season. With the primary goal of keeping those within the University Community safe, UNH will continue to monitor COVID-19 conditions during the semester and update the policy should the health and safety of the campus community permit.

Athletics COVID-19 Fan Policy

Beckerman Recreation Center (BREC) and Club Sports

Updates for Spring 2022: Removed outdated reference to Club Sports (whose current policies can be found on the Spring 2022 COVID-19 Info page).

Only University of New Haven students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use the facility during the Spring 2022 semester. All spouse, alumni, and community memberships for this semester, including guest passes, are suspended for the Spring 2022 semester. No external events will be hosted. The only individuals who are not members of the University community entering the facility would be those participating in official admissions tours. ChargerREC page on myCharger (login required).

Human Resources - Candidates for Employment

Updates for Spring 2022: Changed "should" be conducted through Zoom to "may" be conducted through Zoom.

All interviews and meetings may be conducted through Zoom or an alternative online format. Onboarding-related activities may be conducted via Zoom or in person. A representative of the Human Resources team will discuss the University’s COVID-19 requirements prior to the new employee’s start date.

If a specific department leader determines an in-person candidate interview is preferred, all the measures established for visitors in this document would apply to that in-person interview.


Access to the Library will be restricted to University of New Haven faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students during the Spring 2022 semester. Library page on myCharger (login required).

Conference Services and External Events

External and co-sponsored day conferences and events will resume in Spring 2022, with limited capacity and frequency and in adherence with all applicable policies for visitors to campus. All external groups with no UNH sponsor should contact Conference Services at for all conference and space rental questions.

Facilities (Third Party Partners)

All University of New Haven vendors, contractors, and third-party housing partners will be required to have a COVID-19 plan in place for their respective departments. All parties will be required to display proper credentialing on campus at all times and will adhere to the University COVID-19 policies, including University-approved face coverings when vaccination status is not known.

Admission Offices

The Offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions will continue to host daily Information Sessions and Campus Tours, Open Houses, Accepted Students Days, Campus Interviews, Group Information Sessions, Drive-Thru Campus Tours, Virtual Information Sessions, Virtual Admissions-related events, and physically distanced walking tours throughout the Spring 2022 semester, in order to remain in compliance with the State of Connecticut COVID-19 guidelines. All campus visits will be scheduled through the University website in conjunction with the Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions.

All visitors to campus who are fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination will be given a bracelet to wear upon check in. All visitors who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will be asked to bring proof a negative PCR or viral antigen COVID-19 test taken with 72 hours prior to their visit and will be required to wear a face covering.

Information Sessions and Campus Tours:

*These visits are by appointment only. All walk-in families will be instructed to take part in our drive-thru campus tour experience.

Drive-Thru Tours:

Drive-thru tours will continue through the Spring 2022 semester but will be limited to weekend hours to limit vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Scheduling Admissions Visits:

Please see Undergraduate Admissions Events or Graduate Admissions Events

Outside Community Members

Updates for Spring 2022: Removed "during normal business hours," as these regulations apply to outside community members at any time.

Community members traversing the campus are expected to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines developed by the University.

  • Faculty and staff shall refrain from inviting guests to drive to campus for the purpose of walking, running or exercising.
  • All athletic fields, basketball courts and tennis courts are closed to outside community members.
  • Outside community members must wear a face covering at all times on the University campus when the vaccinated status is unknown or if the individual is unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.
  • Food delivery such as GrubHub, Dominos, and UberEats will be allowed, but for outside drop off only.
  • Uber and Lyft drivers will be allowed on campus. However, they will be required to remain in their vehicle at all times.

* - Community members who use the Campus Store, ZipCar, or ATM machine will be required to wear facial coverings.

Media Organizations

The media will be allowed on campus with the approval of the associate vice president of marketing and communications or their designee and will be escorted by a representative from the Office of Marketing and Communications. Any media that arrive on campus without prior approval will be referred to the Office of Marketing and Communications.