Reasons to Choose the University of New Haven College of Business

If you’re thinking of majoring in business, you have an instinctive grasp of something that not every high school student has. It’s simply this: You understand that the economy is propelled by an engine and business is that engine. And, it excites you!

That’s spot-on because there’s a lot to be excited about — especially now, when the neighborhood is a global one, and businesses are so interconnected they might as well be next to each other on the same block.

At the University of New Haven, we aim to take that excitement of yours, and multiply it many times over. We do this not just by sitting you down in a chair in class, but also by getting you up, out of that chair, and actively involved with the world of business long before you graduate.  It’s a more stimulating way to learn. It’s a more memorable way to learn. And, bottom line, it’s a more successful way to learn.



Our faculty members conduct diverse research that adds to the body of knowledge in their fields of expertise and creates a challenging and rewarding educational experience. Many of our faculty have extensive "real world" experience to draw upon, providing context for topics covered in the classroom.



At the University of New Haven, you get on-the-job training long before you land your first job. Call it an internship, practicum, or work-study, it’s one of the greatest things you can do while you’re at the University of New Haven. You’re giving yourself a head start on developing the management skills and acumen that are the key to going places in the business world.



The University of New Haven gives you plenty of opportunities to learn from the masters. Through our Professional Enrichment Program, Executive-in-Residence program, and one-on-one mentoring and job shadowing programs, you’ll come away with valuable insights on "how it’s done".




In the classroom, you’re a sponge — soaking up as much as you can, processing the info, and committing it to the file folder of your mind. But at the University of New Haven, you don’t store that file folder away for future reference. You access it immediately so that everything you just learned can be put into practice while it’s still fresh.



Businesses and successful alumni come to campus to share their wealth of knowledge and network with students on a regular basis. We also host Speed Networking — face-to-face encounters with company representatives. Bring both your “A” game and your resume, and you could leave with a job offer or two!



You’ll have a cast of dozens to help you enter college life with confidence! Our faculty and staff members will advise, support, and show you the ropes in a one-credit seminar that spans everything from academic standard, time and stress management to experiential learning and university relationships.