The First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience was there to not only help me understand how to work as a college student but, also, how to really take care of myself and live on my own.

– Kristen McElheny  

Come in and make yourself comfortable

High school is safe and familiar. You know exactly where you’re going and who you’ll see when you get there. College flings open the door to a new and unfamiliar world — new faces, new spaces, new expectations. Suddenly, you feel as if you’re on center stage, the heat of the spotlight on your face, and everyone’s waiting for you to give the performance of your life.

We’re here to tell you: Relax, it’s not the big-time yet. Yes, it’s the bigger time — bigger than high school — but with the University of New Haven’s First-Year Experience, you’ll have a cast of dozens to help you enter college life with confidence!

Thirty incredibly-dedicated University faculty and staff members will advise, support, and show you the ropes in a one-credit seminar that spans everything from academic standards and time and stress management to the difference between college and high school life to experiential learning to university relationships.

You’ll be with other students who have exactly the same issues you do, and you’ll bond more quickly for it. Friends for life, perhaps! 

With First-Year Experience, we’ll have you feeling at home in no time.

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