College of Business Faculty


At the University of New Haven, we are leaders in experiential education.  That means being taught by professors who not only have impressive academic credentials, but also real-world expertise to tap into. 


Faculty members with academic and industry experience

The University of New Haven’s College of Business has 43 full-time faculty members dedicated to providing practical and applicable business knowledge to students.

Academic and industry-related experience is extremely important in the College of Business. Thirty-five faculty members in the College of Business hold terminal degrees in their field, while an additional six faculty members have a professional licenses.

Many faculty members have spent considerable time in the corporate atmosphere, which allows them to translate their knowledge and experience into a meaningful classroom experience.


Faculty-Driven Research

In the last five years, faculty members in the College of Business have collectively written 178 peer-reviewed journal articles, ten books and 27 book chapters.

Faculty members have generated strong research in areas related to macroeconomics, marketing, management, accounting, finance and sports reform.

Diverse and relevant research by University faculty members opens up opportunities for the College and our students, and also creates a challenging and rewarding educational experience.


Rich Academic Programs and Facilities

Our experienced and caring faculty have been the driving force behind the College of Business continually developing programs that will put you ahead of the curve in the real world's competitive job market.

The new experientially-oriented Hospitality program allows students to develop skills inside and outside the classroom while learning skills related to hotel and resort management, event planning and the food service industry. The program was designed around the experiential learning model emphasized in the classroom, on campus and in the community by the University of New Haven students, faculty and staff.

Students now have the opportunity to major in economics. The new major introduced in the fall of 2012 gives students who are interested in the future of the global economy an opportunity to work with experienced faculty and engaged in classes related to the effects social, cognitive and emotional issues have on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions.

Experience is a vital skill in today’s job market. The Hospitality program allows students to work and make connections in some of the finest restaurants and resorts. The Management of Sports Industries program offers internships with collegiate and professional sports teams, sport management firms and athletic complexes across the United States. Students who gain internship experience often receive exciting professional opportunities.

Students in the College of Business work and learn in state-of-the-art facilities. The Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology is a hub of activity for students learning math, statistics, finance and accounting. The hands-on computer lab boasts some of the effective and intelligent business programs available.

The College of Business also has a diverse group of student-run clubs and organizations focusing on involvement in several disciplines including accounting, finance, hospitality, sports management and human resources. Clubs and campus-based activities are a great way for students to take part in leadership opportunities and connect with peers and faculty.


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