Marketing has always existed in one form or another. For millennia, word of mouth was the medium that delivered the message. Then, in the 17th century, Gutenberg’s printing press made it possible to mass-produce flyers and pamphlets.

From then on, every revolution in marketing was connected with new technology.  By the 1920s, radio was giving print stiff competition for advertising dollars. In 1941, Bulova was the first TV advertiser, paying $9 for a 10-second spot before a Dodgers-Phillies game on WNBT. Twenty years ago, the Internet took marketers by storm and today, social media and smart phones give them access to us 24/7/365. Our program examines the phenomenal impact of social media, data mining, and tools such as Google AdWords on marketing as it prepares you for success in this exciting, ever-changing field.

Prepare to become an expert in the global marketing revolution.

First, you’ll complete the University of New Haven core curriculum and the basic business curriculum: accounting, communication, business law, economics, finance, management, marketing, business math, and statistics courses.

Then, through five upper-level courses, you’ll study how e-commerce and marketing technologies such as social media, database marketing, Google AdWords, Marketing Analytics, and Statistics have affected the traditional study of marketing — its competitive strategies, development processes, consumer research, and distribution channels. Through electives, you’ll deepen your understanding as you explore e-commerce consumer applications, advertising, international marketing, and multimedia.

You’ll learn it all from a faculty that has extensive marketing experience of their own in the real world, including a special familiarity with emerging Asian markets.

Our goal: for you to graduate with the knowledge and marketing skill set that enables you to bring value to your future employer from day one on the job.

Add another dimension to your knowledge with a minor.

Certain minors dovetail extremely well with a major in marketing. These are two of the most popular:

International Business.  In a globalized market that’s pretty much borderless, a knowledge of international finance, multinational corporations, and the art of negotiating in other cultures is invaluable in a marketing career. This minor covers all that and more.

Professional Sales.  At the University of New Haven, the lost art of selling is making a comeback. This minor teaches you to apply sales theories, employ the foundations of selling, understand buyers, sharpen communication skills, apply selling strategies, initiate customer relationships, approach customers, and deliver sales presentations. 

Get the practical experience that impresses employers.

A supervised practicum or internship brings experiential learning to your education at the University of New Haven. Hands-on, practical experience prepares you for the real job world as nothing else can. It also makes your resume stand out. In fact, Career Opportunity News reports that employers give more weight to internships than they do to grade point average, leadership qualities, or technical skills.

Graduates of our marketing program have proven the value of the University of New Haven’s strong emphasis on experiential learning by landing full-time positions at some of Connecticut’s most prestigious companies — Black & Decker, United Parcel Service – Management Division, Subway corporate offices, and American Skandia, to name a few.

Why Choose the University of New Haven for Marketing?

B.S. in Marketing PDF coverDid you know that Marketing majors are some of the highest paid of all college graduates?

That's just one great reason. Find even more reasons to Choose the University of New Haven for Marketing, learn more about student internships, experiential education, alumni and more in our downloadable B.S. in Marketing brochure.

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