International Business B.S.

More than ever, advancements in technology, the reduction of trade barriers and the emergence of growing economies in India and China are influencing business transactions. These factors also require future business leaders to have a sophisticated understanding of the international marketplace and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

A degree in international business from the University of New Haven is uniquely designed to equip students with that in-depth expertise. Students acquire an interdisciplinary global perspective, while simultaneously studying the core principles of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing or sport management. Each student must also demonstrate foreign language proficiency and participate in a study abroad experience.

Topics of Study

International business challenges in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing and/or sport management

Economic, geographic, historical, legal, regulatory, and political factors influencing international business, trade and investment

Strategies for entering foreign markets including exporting, licensing and strategic alliances

Management of cultural differences and organization of international negotiations

Ethical decision-making in a global context

International capital markets and financial, political, and economic risk

Career Opportunities

The University of New Haven encourages students to pursue global career options in various disciplines and industries. International business majors often pursue careers in multinational firms and small independent companies with international activities or government agencies. Graduates can also engage in banking prospects such as corporate lending and international investment work.

Study Abroad Requirement

TuscanyAt the University of New Haven, students have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and experience international business firsthand. Students can live and breathe, study and participate in the business culture of another country – an experience that prepares them for life as global managers and global citizens.

Students may choose to study at the University of New Haven Tuscany Campus in Prato, Italy, or choose from over 400 other opportunities around the world.

Study Abroad Office

University of New Haven Tuscany Campus in Prato, Italy


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