It’s impossible to overestimate the value of accounting. It’s a decision-maker’s right hand. A smart business decision relies heavily on a comprehensive look at the numbers behind the scenes because they reveal the true health of a business.

They also can reveal a lot more. Forensic accounting — meaning it’s suitable for use in a court of law — can uncover fraud, for instance, and serve as evidence in trials.  

The B.S. in Accounting program at the University of New Haven will teach you how to gather, process, and analyze the numbers that are crucial to the success of businesses, business owners, and other individuals. The program resides on a strong base of theory and has a strong focus on the principles and procedures that generate the information decision-makers need. 

Learn from the best: a faculty with decades of experience in the business world.

Before our faculty taught accounting, they practiced it. Your learning will be completely reality-based. Also, we match up each student with a full-time faculty member for one-on-one mentoring on course selection, career choices, placement, and to give advice based on the mentor’s own professional and life experiences.

Use up-to-the-minute resources.

At your disposal:  cutting-edge library services, which include the latest accounting, tax, business, and legal web-based services — the ones widely used in today’s workplaces and in graduate research. Our students graduate highly skilled and completely at ease with the tools they’ll find on the job, so they can start contributing from their first day at work.

Get a large dose of the real world.

When not crunching numbers, accounting students take it to the Street — Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, the Internal Revenue Service, and other public and private firms are just a few of the field trips that give students an up-close and personal look at the places where numbers reign.

We also bring the street to us: The University of New Haven Accounting Club invites speakers to campus from a wide spectrum of companies to talk about career opportunities.

Why Choose the University of New Haven for Accounting?

B.S. in Accounting PDF coverDid you know that as an undergraduate accounting major, you can take the CPA exam in four years instead of five?

That's just one great reason. Find even more reasons to Choose the University of New Haven for Accounting, learn more about student internships, experiential education, alumni and more in our downloadable B.S. in Accounting brochure.

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