Joshua Dill '16

Joshua is a theater major and has played a role in numerous productions from The School of Wives in Spring 2015 to Twelfth Night in Fall 2015. He also studied at the National Theater Institute at the O’Neill Theater Center for a semester, where he was able to build his acting skill set alongside professional actors.


Brittany Palmer '18

Brittany Palmer is a double major in Political Science and Theater Arts. Following an internship at the Yale University Art Gallery, Brittany co-founded a LGBTQ+ youth mentoring program named Out of the Gallery. She followed her passion for theater at the University of New Haven by creating a medieval morality play.


Elizabeth Vega '15

I feel like I am getting a lot out of the theater program at this school because it is so small. The classes usually have a small amount of students compared to other majors, so we get a lot of one-on-one time with the professors. 



Gregory Pease '16

The tools that I get from pursuing Theatre Performance range from public speaking, which I strengthen from being on stage in front of hundreds of people; managerial skills from my directing course; and writing skills that you can only get from a playwriting class. 


Mary Perucci '17

I feel like I’m getting not only a good well-rounded education, but great hands-on experience. It’s really awesome to feel like you can create something special in the theater world.

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