The Political Science program at the University of New Haven provides a number of student-centered programs designed to help you develop the skills necessary to compete against the best and brightest in the world.

The University of New Haven Model United Nations

The University of New Haven MUN is a student-driven program that focuses on developing the next generation of international and domestic leaders.

MUN at the University of New Haven trains students in the art of diplomacy, perspective-taking, persuasion, and more.

Each year, the University of New Haven MUN trains students in the art of diplomacy, perspective-taking, speech, persuasion, strategic thinking, and problem-solving with the ultimate goal of competing in various National MUN conference competitions including those in New York, Washington D.C., and Japan.

Model United Nations is a cooperative, hands-on learning experience that allows students to confront a range of international issues with the perspective of their assigned country. Through a variety of experiences (research, preparations, committee sessions, hallway discussions, public speaking) students develop an appreciation of differing points of view, experience the challenges of negotiation, see the rewards of cooperation, expand their world view, and discover the human side of international relations and diplomacy (NMUN 2013).

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The University of New Haven MUN is a 3 unit course (PSCI 2244) open to students of all majors and is taught by Dr. Chris Haynes (Political Science) and Dr Christy Smith (Public Administration). The University of New Haven MUN meetings are held weekly on Thursday evenings beginning at 6 PM in the Bartels Student Activity Center (BSAC).  Any and all are welcome to attend!!  Just drop on by, introduce yourself, and dive in!!

For more information, please contact University of New Haven MUN Director Dr. Chris Haynes at You can also click on these links to check out our Model UN website and Facebook page.

The Political Science Organization at the University of New Haven

The Political Science Organization is a student-driven organization that focuses on cultivating political community, generating respectful discourse, providing an outlet for political expression, and spreading political awareness.

To achieve its goals, the PSO facilitates a variety of activities and programs. In our weekly Coffee Hour discussion, students, faculty, and staff respectfully and thoughtfully discuss some of the most important political issues. In our monthly professional series, we host either a single speaker or panel of speakers to share their expertise and thoughts on some of the most vexing political issues. In our annual trip to Washington DC, the PSO strives to bring the ideas and people learned in class to life. The PSO also hosts debates, political trivia hour, movie hour, and a variety of socials.

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The Political Science Organization meetings are open to all students and are held in Maxcy 309 each Tuesday from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information, please contact advisor Dr. Chris Haynes ( or administrative assistant Vanessa Sheridan (

The University of New Haven Political Science Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour is an hour long round table discussion and debate about an important political issue including primarily students, but also administrators and faculty.

The primary goal of these talks is to foster and build a vibrant, engaged, and informed political community here at the University of New Haven. We do so by providing a comfortable, respectful, conducive, and informative environment in which students not only learn more about political issues, but also feel free to express themselves to others and ultimately, become more engaged in the political process.  

Reignite Political Engagement

We enter a new century in which the advent of so many different forms of communication and technology has revolutionized the way we live. While new social media and smartphones have certainly benefited society, they have also contributed to the unfortunate advancement of political apathy. These developments are occurring at the very time when our government is making critically important decisions about programs (i.e. Social Security, Medicare) with far reaching implications.

With this in mind, we believe it is critical that the University of New Haven community engage in Coffee Hour discussions to reignite the process of political engagement particularly among our students.

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Coffee Hour takes place in Maxcy 309 each Wednesday at 6 PM and is hosted by Dr. Chris Haynes and the University of New Haven Political Science Organization. In previous sessions, we have discussed issues such as the government shutdown, the debt limit crisis, the Syria situation, gun control, same sex marriage, God in government, student apathy, and health care reform.

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