Not a performer, but love music?  Want to be a part of that world, but don’t know where you’d fit in?  The music industry employs so many people in so many different positions, that if you want a role in it, you’re sure to find one.  Music industry jobs are basically the business end of things, but don’t let the word “business” put you off.  These positions are every bit as exciting as getting up on stage.  Our Music Industry program will help you get your foot in the door.

Get excited by what you can do.

Think about areas such as record production, artist management, promotion and sales, and music publishing. There are many niches in this industry.  Here are just a few of the career titles you can aim for:

  • Concert promoter.  This fast-paced career is incredibly exciting but a ton of hard work.
  • Agent.  Working with the promoters, you’ll be the person who actually puts the concert tour, together.  Good organization skills are a must-have!
  • Artist’s Manager.  Musicians need to concentrate on their music.  The manager frees them from having to think about business concerns.  You’ll carry heavy-duty responsibilities with this position.
  • Radio Promoter, a.k.a., Radio PR or Radio Plugger.  Are you good at selling?  Forming a dazzling network of contacts?  You’d be a natural for this position — connecting musicians and labels with radio stations.  
  • A&R person.  That stands for Artists & Repertoire.  You’ll be the one who spots the next hot artist or sound, and then acts as the middleman between the label company and artist.

See how we can get you there.

Our bachelor’s program gives you a unique balance of music industry courses and courses in music, sound recording, and business.  At the end of the program, you’ll emerge a well-rounded music industry graduate, knowledgeable on the many aspects of this exhilarating field.

Your music industry courses — which are designed specifically for the program — cover topics such as:

  • record companies
  • contracts
  • music marketing and merchandising
  • recording studio management
  • music publishing
  • copyright law and concert planning
  • promotion
  • management

Music courses include subjects such as music theory, musicianship, music history, and performance.

Sound recording courses cover multi-track recording, digital audio, the use of computers in the recording studio, and other essentials.

In your business courses, you’ll study accounting, management, and marketing.

Look at our location — commuting distance to New York City.

That means some amazing internships.  Our music industry students have worked at MTV, Sony, Universal Records, and Columbia Records in the Big Apple.  Since the early 20th century, New York has been a center for the American music industry and a magnet for everyone who wants to make it in the business.

Closer to home, ESPN, in Bristol, Connecticut, also provides phenomenal internship opportunities for our students.

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