Amanda Deliberto '16

Amanda is a Marine Biology and General Biology double major. She completed an NSF-REU Research Fellowship project at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies during the summer of 2015 with Dr. Doug Capone.


Brittany Dolan '15

I chose the University of New Haven because when I came for an Accepted Students Day, I was able to meet my future professors, and I was able to actually be a part of a marine biology activity.  I would be doing activities like that starting my first semester here; at most other schools, marine biology students don’t get to gain any hands-on experience.


Stephanie Rosbach

I knew I wanted to study marine biology, and I wanted a program that would provide me with hands-on experience. I picked the University of New Haven because the school is close to the water and the programs focus on gaining the skills that students need in order to work in the field.



Danielle Perry '15

I will be starting a Ph.D. program in ecology this fall at the University of Rhode Island. I have participated in research programs and internships over the past three years and have also presented my research at various conferences.


Gaitlyn Malone

I knew that I wanted to attend a school that offered small class sizes, which would give me the ability to really get to know my professors and classmates. The University of New Haven was one of the few schools with my major that provided me with that opportunity.


Jeremy Esposito '09

I am currently the Hatchery Manager for The Billion Oyster project. The path that led me here was very heavily aligned with my studies. After graduation, I immediately got a job on an oyster farm, where I had the opportunity to demonstrate and apply my college studies.



Nathan Lanning

I chose the University of New Haven because of all of the opportunities that were available — in and out of the classroom. For one thing, I was able to take the Introduction to Marine Biology course in the first semester of my first year. This class took me out into the field every Friday and really foreshadowed the role of a marine biologist.


Rebekah Ziegman '13

I am currently at the University of Queensland in Australia, pursuing a Ph.D. that focuses on the components and composition of fish venoms. During my study abroad period, I had an internship in my current lab, which focuses on venom research.

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