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Sometimes students have a vision for their future that breaks out of the mold of traditional university majors. Their best strategy for success may include courses that aren’t in the typical mix offered by degree programs.  Sound like you?  If so, creating an individualized degree program may be your answer.  Our bachelor’s program in liberal studies gives you the freedom to choose courses across several disciplines and combine them into a program of study that meets your unique vision for the future.

Take an interdisciplinary approach.

With the help of our arts and sciences adviser, you’ll develop a customized program of broad-based study in liberal arts and sciences.  In addition to completing the University’s core curriculum, you’ll choose a focus from two of four areas:

  • Humanities:  communication, English, foreign languages, history, and philosophy
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: economics, political science, psychology, sociology, and legal studies
  • Visual and Performing Arts:  art, graphic design, interior design, music, and theater
  • Mathematics and the Natural Sciences: biology, chemistry, environmental science, marine biology, mathematics, and physics

Also, because one of the goals of this major is to give you the practical skills required by the job market, you’ll put together a series of elective courses to help you realize your specific career ambitions.  You can choose your electives from:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

By the time you graduate you’ll have acquired an uncommon breadth of knowledge, with the ability to see the interrelatedness of everything you know.

Enjoy the support of engaged, accessible instructors.

The University of New Haven faculty represent some of the most accomplished scholars in their fields. Get to know your instructors and your adviser, as both are willing to assist you as you progress toward achieving your goals. Talk with them about your courses, talk with them about your plans, or talk with them about what else is going on in your life. They’ll listen and offer guidance.

Be a standout in small classes.

At the University of New Haven, you won’t be lost in a sea of faces the way you might be at a larger university. The student-to-faculty ratio here is 15 to 1, and there are seldom more than 21 students in a class.  Our instructors get to know their students as individuals with unique talents and strengths, not as names and grades on test papers.

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