Do you like to help people solve problems? Do you want to promote just outcomes? Do you like to analyze things and put puzzles back together? Do you want a career that is rewarding and interesting? If yes, then the legal studies program is a good choice for you. 

Law is the glue that binds our diverse country together, enshrines our common principles of democracy, liberty, due process, and equality, and governs our everyday lives in so many ways we often do not notice. As a result, understanding our legal foundations, fundamental principles of law, and how our legal and governmental systems work is critically important for every citizen. And today, with increasing globalization and with new forms of dispute resolution being developed, understanding the role and function of law has become increasingly important. 

The solid foundation provided by the legal studies program prepares students for many career opportunities — in law, government, the court system, business, regulated industries, and the non-profit service sector — and for graduate study in law school or graduate school. Students may choose among several options which best fit their individual interests. Also, students interested in a career as a paralegal can choose one of our three American Bar Association-approved programs. 

While studying at the University of New Haven, whether it’s mediating a court case, assisting an attorney at trial, or advocating for a victim, students can start making a difference now while they learn from the best. You can also be engaged with other students through the Legal Society and/or the Mock Trial Team as well as other campus activities and clubs. 

You are invited to explore your opportunities in the University of New Haven legal studies program. After reading the following pages, if you have any questions, please contact us. Also, be sure to visit us on Facebook at 

With best wishes,

Donna Decker Morris, J.D.
Associate Professor and Director, Legal Studies Program

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