Cara Demers '16

As a student studying Communication at the University of New Haven, I got such a hands-on experience right from the beginning. I know in a lot of other schools students aren’t allowed to use any equipment until they are one or two years into the discipline, but I get four years of hands-on experience at the University of New Haven. 


Elissa Sanci '16

I chose the University of New Haven because I liked the small class sizes and the amount of hands-on communication classes available to me. I also liked the smaller campus, which creates a close-knit campus community.


Joseph Brown '15

The best part of the Communication Department is the different types of classes they offer.  If I never came to the University of New Haven, I may have never discovered my true passion of film editing. The Communications program allowed me to explore the different options I have in the field.



Jessica Pena '14

The University of New Haven prepared me the best way possible for life after college and that was through hands-on experience. What better way to understand how media works than to do it? I wouldn’t be able to tell you what makes a good lead-in or what makes a bad film if I didn’t have the proper experience and background to do so.


Antonio C. Esposito '12

The University of New Haven helped in a variety of ways to prepare me for life after college. It started in the residential halls; living in close quarters with other people for long periods of time allows you to learn a lot about yourself, other people, and how you respond to certain situations.

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