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Thomas Garrett

Study with Celebrated Hollywood Filmmaker

John Travolta. Spike Lee. Quentin Tarantino. Those are just some of the names Tom Garrett, the chair of the University of New Haven’s communication, film and media studies department, has worked with during his distinguished, multi-faceted media career.

He attends the Cannes Film Festival in France every year, often with students in tow, an annual event he looks forward to continuing with his University of New Haven students.

While at Cannes, his students don’t simply watch movies. They work at internships with major commercial production studios such as Lionsgate, Miramax and Paramount. They see first-hand how deals get done during those two weeks in May, when, according to Garrett, “90 percent of the film business takes place.” And thanks to Garrett’s relationship with Jerome Paillard, executive director of the Marche du Film, they get invited to swanky, insider-only previews where “Brad Pitt could be sitting two seats in front of them. It can be pretty life-changing,” Garrett said.