GarrettThe field of Communication is insidiously changing right before our eyes, leaving a barely recognizable landscape across the professions of film, television, journalism, public relations and digital media.

The University of New Haven realizes the key to allow our Communication majors to enter the workforce on the ground floor on trend is to anticipate and participate in the future growth of Communication.

This happens after a foundation has been laid not only in knowledge and skills but, perhaps of equal or greater importance, clinical learning.  Our curriculum encourages the student to participate in real-world meetings and industry internships -- even international internships and opportunities, like at the Cannes Film Festival or study screenwriting or multiplatform journalism at our Prato, Italy campus.  This provides our students with the professional confidence that is only acquired with experience as opposed to the lack of confidence that may result from a classroom-only experience.

Technology is at the root of the rapid changes in Communication, and our belief is that it becomes cheaper and easier for everyone to have a higher level of communication tools and skills.

That's why our department offers experiences that can help you navigate the more human and event-based side to your chosen field of communication.

This is not to ignore the state-of-the-art facilities (the Laurel Vlock Center for Convergent Media, for instance) and brand new production and post-production studios available to our students or the award-winning faculty ready to teach the "hard skills" including media entrepreneurship that should be the bedrock of any Communication study.

We look forward to welcoming and working with our enrolling students who are seriously motivated in their Communication careers and finding all the new opportunities in a changing industry.


Tom Garrett
Chair and Associate Professor, Communication, Film and Media Studies 

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