Why Study Genetics and Biotechnology?

Genetics and Biotechnology apply knowledge of DNA and the genetic code to practical applications that improve our lives and the health of the planet. These applications include new ways to treat disease, develop drugs, decrease our environmental footprint, and produce food. Biotechnology has been targeted for development by 40 state governments, including Connecticut. As the fastest growing area of science today, the study of Genetics and Biotechnology has led to rapid advances in Precision Medicine, Genetic Counseling, food technology and disease control. 

How do I know if Genetics and Biotechnology is the right major for me?

The Genetics and Biotechnology major is suitable for students interested in applying their knowledge of the genetic basis of life to practical applications in health and industry. The possibilities are broad: graduates may work in positions such as researchers, managers, laboratory technicians or data analysts. This major is also suitable for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Genetic Counseling, cell biology, biochemistry or molecular biology. Click here for more information on Genetics and Biotechnology careers.

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