Phylicia Kidd '17, Pre-med/Research

My name is Phylicia Kidd and I'm a junior at the University of New Haven. I'm a Forensic Science and Biology double major. The biology program has a group of professors that are extremely passionate about what they teach and truly enjoy sharing their knowledge and working with students. I had the amazing opportunity to working with one of the professors from the biology department, Dr. Melanie Eldridge, on a summer research project. I was able to stay at the University of New Haven the entire summer and work on one of her ecotoxicology projects through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. The experience allowed me to grow and become more confident with my skills, which I know will help me after I leave the University of New Haven. When I graduate I plan on getting my Master's degree and pursing a career in research.

Click here to learn about Phylicia's research in the Quinnipiac River.


Alyssa Brucato '16, Biochemistry concentration 

I chose the University of New Haven Biology program for their reputation of excellence,the small student to professor ratio, and small class sizes. This has given me the opportunity to talk to different professors for guidance on my endeavors here at the university. I have decided to further my education at graduate school because my coursework peaked my interest and enthusiasm for Biology. I hope to return for Fall 2016 in the Cellular and Molecular Biology Program at the University of New Haven.



Stephen Simms '16, General Biology

The University of New Haven is greatly invested in your experiential education, and provides hands-on learning in modern-day and experimental practices. Whether it is through research projects, independent studies, becoming a lab or teaching assistant, or attending special guest speaker seminars, there are always opportunities to further your experience and knowledge outside of the classroom. The faculty truly wishes to see you succeed and caters to your future goals. I am currently a General Biology major with an emphasis on Animal Behavior and Psychology, an Orientation Leader for the University, and a Lab/Teaching Assistant for Microbiology. In December of 2016, I plan on traveling to South Africa to intern at wildlife preservation. Upon graduation in May of 2017, I plan on working for Disney’s Animal Kingdom as an Animal Behaviorist. 


Armand Sebastian '16, Pre-med concentration  

My name is Armand Sebastian and I am a senior Biology pre-med student also minoring in Chemistry. The main reason why I chose the University of New Haven is because I wanted to stay close to home so that I may help my parents take care of my wonderful sister, Alyssa. Alyssa is 17 and special therefore, with both parents in the medical field, I wanted to be able to lend them a hand when their schedules conflicted - getting her ready for school in the morning, completing her homework, and making her dinner when my parents are working nights are just some of the things that we do together. When thinking about my positive experiences at the University of New Haven, what I appreciate most is the unwavering support I have received from many of the professors in the Biology department, especially during the long and difficult medical school application process. Through them, I have been fortunate enough to receive help in crafting my personal statement, prepare for interviews, and even shadow an orthopedic surgeon. In regards to my future, I am currently interviewing at medical schools for the Fall 2016 semester. Most recently, I interviewed at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, which has long been a dream mine to attend. My primary interests are orthopedics and pediatrics, and I hope that the coming admissions decisions will lead me to Philadelphia where I may focus my studies towards becoming a surgeon.

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