Student Spotlight: Joey Loos '15


LoosMeriden, CT

The University of New Haven’s art department is designed to offer exciting opportunities for students, while preparing them to pursue full-time careers in their creative fields. University of New Haven students produce many different types of work, from beautiful oil paintings to interior design solutions focused on sustainability. This university helped me gain a firm and traditional artistic skill set, along with a strong academic background in various other disciplines.
Why did you choose the University of New Haven?

I chose the University of New Haven because I knew that the chemistry between the student and faculty were important, especially when studying the arts. I was impressed with the work of the faculty that I would be able to study with as well as their affiliations and teaching styles. I also really liked the size of the University of New Haven’s art and design department. With a small program, each major and concentration of the arts is treated with an individualized approach. 

What was the hardest part about making the transition from high school to the University of New Haven?

Balancing my academic workload was the hardest part of my transition to college. I had to learn how to balance my studio sessions, class work, and other obligations, which proved to run smoothly once I developed a routine. I tried to practice my time management skills by setting deadlines and using my own personal downtime as studio time.

What do you like most about the University of New Haven? Or in your opinion what is the greatest feature of the University of New Haven?

The Art and Design Department at the University of New Haven is both advanced and exceptional. Students prepare for their careers by working in a number of different mediums, which makes them more knowledgeable and well-rounded in their field. With BA's available in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Interior Design, the University definitely stands out among other liberal arts schools. The University of New Haven has a cohort of skilled faculty and staff who encourage students to be creative and push the envelope.  The faculty are very helpful in creating a specialized approach for each student. Through faculty support, art students have many opportunities to regularly exhibit their work and integrate into the local arts community.

What extracurricular clubs and organizations are you involved in?

I am currently an intern at the Seton Gallery at the University of New Haven. Outside of the University, I volunteer and work closely with Girl’s Incorporated of Meriden; we inspire young women to be strong, smart, and bold individuals.

What are your plans for the future?

In my near future, I hope to attend a graduate program for curatorial studies.

What is your favorite University of New Haven tradition?

My favorite University of New Haven tradition is our involvement in New Haven’s City Wide Open Studios. Every year, students are invited to attend a weekend-long art show and submit their work to be exhibited alongside the work of art professionals in the greater New Haven community.  The vibrancy of the space is breathtaking, and the real-life connections created are praiseworthy. 

Do you have any advice for students and families interested in the University of New Haven?

Do not be underwhelmed by the size of the University of New Haven art department. It may seem small, but it makes all the difference when providing a concise and specific education for each student.

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