Which Art Program is Right for You?

The University of New Haven offers tremendous opportunities for prospective students who want to study art. The following information will help you decide which of our programs fits your needs.

B.A. in Art

University of New Haven campus in West Haven, CT

A comprehensive art degree with courses in multiple disciplines with an emphasis on contemporary practices and techniques in painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital media.

Studying at our main campus in West Haven offers campus life including activities such as clubs and sports, as well as proximity to urban culture with museums, music, and theater of New Haven, New York, and Boston.

The ability to intern with our on-campus gallery or local art sites, which offers a connection to working contemporary artists and learning the ropes of gallery installation, administration, and art handling.

The degree for you if you are looking for a flexible curriculum that provides opportunities for minors, double majors, and exploring the rich academic offerings at the University of New Haven. For instance, if you are a marine biology student, minoring in Photography offers a unique opportunity to document your work. Other common double majors include English, Music, Psychology, and Forensic Science.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT

It’s program-specific: You earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Drawing, Illustration or Sculpture. There's also a three-year certificate and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting and Sculpture.

Complete immersion in the art experience, in an idyllic setting. Access to the University of New Haven's resources and campus life, as well as the cultural centers of New York and Boston, add dimension to the overall college experience.

The degree for you if you are interested in immersive studies in specific disciplines.


Frequently Asked Questions 

After choosing a program, can I change to the other?

Whichever degree program you choose, keep in mind that you are not locked in. You can switch to the other program if that one turns out to be a better fit. Basically, your choice comes down to a matter of your mindset and the type of college experience you’re looking for.

The B.F.A., strongly focused on the discipline you choose, completely immerses you in the art experience — easy to do in pastoral Old Lyme, a magnet for famous impressionists and the birthplace of a thriving art colony. The B.A. in Art in West Haven opens up your curricular options and gives you the traditional college experience, with all of its extra-curricular activities.

What is the difference between a B.F.A. and B.A.?

The B.F.A., or Bachelor of Fine Arts, has a more specific number of major requirements in the arts. The B.A., or Bachelor of Arts, offers study in the arts with many opportunities to explore the broad array of liberal arts offerings.

What can I do with a degree in the arts?

Whether you choose the B.F.A. or the B.A., both programs prepare students to employ creative thinking and problem solving in a range of career fields. Students are trained to begin a career as professional artists and prepared to apply to graduate schools to continue their training as an artist, to focus on teaching, or expand their practice into the field of art therapy. Other career options include working at arts organizations and museums, in roles including exhibit designers, art handlers, and administrators. Both degrees offer valuable skills of creativity, problem-solving, and visual communications that are highly valued in many fields outside of the arts.

How does experiential education play into the B.F.A. and B.A. programs?

Every program at the University of New Haven is about experiential education. As you engage with faculty, fellow students, and professional artists in the classroom, in galleries, and in artists’ studios, you will be learning in an active, hands-on manner that significantly enriches your education. In addition, many students are involved in internships, assistantships, and mentoring programs, which bring the experience full-circle.

How long do the programs take?

Both degrees require 120 credits and are designed as four-year programs of study. At the Lyme Academy College campus, we also offer a three-year certificate and a post-Baccalaureate certificate.

Can I double major or minor?

Yes you can. The B.A. program offers more accessibility for double majors, since it has more open electives. Minors in a vast array of topics are accessible and encouraged, especially in majors such as forensic science, biology, English, and music.

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