Advisor:  Rosa A. Mo, Lecturer, EdD, RD, Columbia University
The M.S. Human Nutrition - Concentration in Nutritional Genomics is an optional 12-credit concentration in addition to the 33-credit MS Human Nutrition degree. These additional 12 credits in nutritional genomics provide a detailed understanding of how individual genetic variation can influence the assimilation and metabolism of nutrition and how nutrition can affect the expression of certain genes known to be involved in chronic diseases. It will introduce clinical genomic research tools and methods (gene expression profiling, proteomics, metabolomics, pharmacogenomics, and bioinformatics) and prepare students to study their individual responses to their nutritional environment. The concentration also provides individualized nutritional strategies to prevent chronic diseases and optimize human health.

Admission to the Nutritional Genomics Certificate :  BS in Biology, Biotechnology, or Nutrition. It is expected that the applicant has significant background in one of the following fields: Undergraduate biology, genetics, nutrition, organic chemistry, and/or biochemistry.

Required Courses for Concentration
CHEM 6655 Pharmacology
CMBI 6606 Molecular Genetics/Genomics
CMBI 6620 Bioinformatics
NUTR 6633 Nutritional Genomics
  Total credits: 12