Deepa Thapa '15 M.A.

I was looking for a school that would give me an opportunity to relate my academic learning to practical experience, explore career options through work-integrated learning, and learn through experience.


Cassandra Nielsen '16 M.A.

I specifically choose IO Psychology program at the University of New Haven because of the strong internship program and its research-practitioner model.

Andrew Leverton

Andrew Leverton '17 M.A.

The supplemental education here at the University of New Haven really allows me to creatively use the concepts I learn in class to real scenarios.



Geronda Wollack '15 M.A.

I knew that I wanted to build my leadership skills while in my program and the University of New Haven had great opportunities to do so.


Li Dai '16 M.A.

The University of New Haven is open to lots of diverse graduate students from all over the world, which enables me to pursue my study in the U.S. and sharpen my skill set after working for a long time.


James Carobert '16 M.A.

The University of New Haven prides itself on providing experiential learning opportunities to students. This approach is fully embraced in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program.



Lauren Saunders '16 M.A.

The I/O program offers countless opportunities for a student to thrive professionally as well as academically as they prepare for their future career.