AP and IB Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have Advanced Placement Credits?
You will need to submit an official AP Score Report from the College Board.  UNH awards credit for scores of 3, 4, or 5.

What if I have International Baccalaureate Credits?
Students pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma at their high school will be recognized with college credit if a grade of 4-7 is achieved on the IB Exam.  You must submit an official copy of your diploma in order to receive credit.

Click here for a chart of IB Credit Awarded.

Am I guaranteed to have my AP/IB credit accepted with the minimum score?
In most cases yes, but it will depend upon your major. Credit will be awarded only if there is a course requirement which can be satisfied by the AP/IB exam. Additionally, if the exam is for a course which is a major requirement in your program, the academic department reserves the right not to accept the credit, and require you to take the course at UNH.

What will happen if my AP results are not available until after I am already registered?
Don't worry! Your schedule can be adjusted later. If you register at one of the early registration programs you can mention to your advisor that you may have AP/IB credit forthcoming. When you arrive on campus in the fall you should meet with your academic advisor. Your academic department will be able to evaluate and advise you concerning your AP/IB test scores.

How do I revise my schedule if I receive AP/IB credit for a course I am already registered for?
After meeting with your academic advisor at the beginning of the semester you will need to complete a Drop Card and/or and Add Card. These cards are available from the Undergraduate Registrar's Office, which is located in South Campus Hall, beginning on August 24th. The drop/add card must be signed by you, your academic advisor and the instructor. Signed drop/add cards can be submitted to the Registrar's Office beginning on August 26th. Questions should be directed to the Undergraduate Registrar's Office at (203) 932-7301. Be sure to bring a copy of your AP test scores with you when you meet with your academic advisor.

Can I adjust my schedule over the summer?
No. Schedule changes cannot be made over the summer. You must wait until you arrive on campus this fall and adjust your schedule during the official drop/add period. Changes can be made to your schedule as of August 26th.

When are colleges notified about AP test scores?
The College Board notifies colleges & universities about student test scores after July 1 at the student's request.

How do I have my AP results sent to UNH?
You must request that the College Board send your AP results to the University of New Haven. Be sure to include UNH as one of the schools designated to receive your AP test scores. The University of New Haven's College Board code number is is 3663. Go to their website at for further details about sending your scores to us.  Click on "Exam Grades", then on "AP Grade Reporting Services" if you did not include UNH on your original list of colleges you selected to receive your scores.