Federal Student Loan Entrance Counseling

Why do you need to complete Entrance Loan Counseling?

Before you borrow federal student loans, the federal government wants you to have some financial literacy and awareness about what it means to borrow federal student loans and the requirements of repaying those loans.  To make sure students receive the appropriate information about the federal student loans, the government requires that all students complete Loan Entrance Counseling before borrowing their first loan from the federal Direct student loan program.

What information is provided in the Entrance Loan Counseling?

The loan counseling is a learning tool. You will need to read text and answer questions about the text you have read. The loan counseling is designed to provide you with knowledge about federal Direct student loans and offers useful tips and tools to help you develop a budget for managing your educational expenses.  The counseling session also helps you to better understand your responsibility in repaying those loans.

To complete loan counseling you will need to sign into the StudentAid.gov website using the FSA ID you used to log into your FAFSA. 

Complete Entrance Counseling