Projects and Papers

Collaborators Project

Student: Andrew Mahoney

Mentor: Alex Guzman 

The Effect of the Belief in Free Will on the Interpretation of Others' Moral Behavior

Student: Matt Cherubini 

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz & Carl Barrett

Chemical Systems and Thermal Cycling; Development of Computational Models for the Design of Micro-Reactors

Student: Dante Lepore 

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz & Carl Barrett

Computational Models of Chemical Evolution: The Role of Thermal Cycling in Breaking Chiral Symmetry with Application to Pre-biotic Chemistry

Student: Chuong Nguyen 

Mentor: Michael Rossi 

Green Fluorescent Protein Constructs

Student: Ivana Espinosa 

Mentor: Roman Zajac 

Population Structure of the Snail Melamupus Bidenatatus ion Relation to Sea-Level rise Effects on Salt Marshes

Student: Jamie Maziarz

Mentor: Roman Zajac 

Development of Genetic Markers for Polydora Cornuta (Annelida: Polychaeta) for Population Ecology Studies - Phase II

Student: Michael Taylor 

Mentor: Saion Sinha

Exploring a Material's Heat Transfer Capabilities in Order to Improve the Computing Power of a Personal Computer

Student: Colton Murphy

Mentor: Christopher Martinez

Creating Swarm Intelligence for Robotic Coordinated Movement

Student: Kyrle Luth

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Novel Genetic Markers for Borrelia burgdorferi Biofilm Formation

Student: Samantha Davidson

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo

Styela Clava as a Micro-Community  

Student: Katherine Oren

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo 

Aquaculture of Limulus Polyphemus, a biomedically Important Organism: Captive Spawning & Larval Grow-Out 

Student: Robert Harvey III

Mentor: Saion Sinh

Determining the Caliber of a Weapon by Studying Nanoparticles of Gunshot Residue 

Student: Andrew Myruski

Mentor: David Schroeder 

Bias and the Homicide Investigation: Does Victim Race Affect Detective Decision Making?  

Student: Dipti Gawankar &
Jai Rathore 

Mentor: Juline Mills

Exploring Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: An Examination of Current go Green Practices among the Top Fifty U.S. Hotels 

Student: Stacey McMillin

Mentor: Mario Gaboury & Christopher Sedelmaier

Exploring the Relationship between Economics and Human Trafficking: Can Economic Policy Improve Victims' Lives?