Current Projects


With the guidance of their Faculty Mentors, students will work on research projects in a wide range of areas, including the social sciences, the natural sciences, and arts and humanities. 

Once their research is complete, students will participate in Research Poster Presentation Day where they will present their findings to other students, faculty, staff and guests of the University of New Haven.

Seminars will be held in the beginning and end of the program (June - August) to provide students with even more opportunities to learn and grow through networking, sharing their experiences, and learning about their colleagues' areas of interest.  Guest speakers will also attend the seminars to discuss their own research and professional accomplishments.  These activities will offer students a unique, educational and professional experience that will help them attain their academic and professional goals in the future.  

Current Projects

Collaborators Project

Student: Benjamin Atwater

Mentor: Armando Rodriguez

Forecasting Film Box Office Performance Using Naïve Bayes Analysis in R Studios

Student: Danielle Belskis

Mentor: Chong Qui

Collection of Micrometeorite at the University of New Haven

Student: Shaina Bernard

Mentor: Patricia Miranda

The Politics and Processes of Patronage in the Renaissance

Student: David Berube

Mentor: Can Aktas

Innovative Applications of Piezoelectric generators: Analyzing efficacy and feasibility

Student: Kelsey Bettex

Mentor: Claire Glynn

Investigating the potential negative impact of antioxidants on the chemiluminescent detection of blood stains at crime scenes

Student: Kellie Bundschuh

Mentor: Kento Yasuhara

Protocol Assessment of Community Solutions Inc. Alternative in the Community Programs

Student: Stephanie Coffey

Mentor: Yelizaveta Masalimova

Chemistry of Glazes at Different Temperatures

Student: Julianna DeGenova

Mentor: Tarsila Seara

Bridging the Gap between Local Fishery Culture and Management Strategies in Puerto Rico

Student: Valeriay Dion

Mentor: John Kelly

Detection of Alanine by Salt Marsh Species of New Haven Harbor Estuary, CT 

Student: Charles Dow

Mentor: Dequan Xiao

Converting Cellulosic Biomass to Liquid Fuels using Sulfur Doped Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst in Aqueous Solutions

Student: Amber Fearnley

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Effect of Dapsone and its Antimicrobial Combinations on Borrelia burgdorferi Biofilms

Student: Lina Guindy

Mentor: Alyssa Marsico

The analysis of semen stains using Raman spectroscopy and the investigation into the spectral differences based on protein degradation over time

Student: Brianna Hill

Mentor: Christopher R. O'Brien

Microscopic Analysis of dissolved keratinized and calcified tissues in nitric acid

Student: Asia Hutchins

Mentor: Kendell Coker & Melissa Whitson

Barriers to Barriers: Interviews with Local Agencies on Experiences Working with Asian Survivors of Domestic Violence

Student: Adam Jakubowski

Mentor: Byungik Chang 

Structural Response of Truss Bridges Under Fire Loading

Student: Ethan Johnson

Mentor: Gail Hartnett

Immunological response of the ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa) to ocean acidification

Student: Evgenia Kvitko

Mentor: Melanie Eldridge

Effect of toxic heavy metals on the marine amphipod Parhyale hawaiensis: Are its glutathione-S transferase genes regulated by heavy metals?

Student: Dory Lieblein

Mentor: Brooke Kammrath & Peter Massey

A comparison of portable infrared spectrometers and the Nik Field Test for the on-scene Analysis of Cocaine

Student: Patrick McAuliffe

Mentor: Jing Li

Fire Investigation of Residential Electrical Cables Flammability

Student: Syria McCullough

Mentor: Ali Senejani

Evaluating cell survival and DNA damage of cells that are deficient in a DNA repair gene exposed to disinfectant chlorine dioxide

Student: Marissa Mehlrose

Mentor: Amy Carlile

Taxonomic update of historic nori specimens using molecular methods

Student: Brandon Miller

Mentor: Pier F. Cirillo

Total Synthesis of Spiromastixone J 

Student: Gabrielle Montlouis

Mentor: Melanie Eldridge

Detection and Tracking Estrogenic and Toxic Substances in the Quinnipiac River

Student: Kayla Moquin

Mentor: Brooke Kammrath

An evaluation of sorbent pens for the extraction and analysis of ignitable liquid residues

Student: Yo Ng

Mentor: Chong Qiu

Monitor Ozone Concentrations at University of New Haven

Student: Justin Ortiz

Mentor: Shira Avidor

Old Masters, New Light

Student: Tina Padavano

Mentor:  Jonathan A. Kringen

Analysis of the Spatial Relationship Between Crime and Non-Owner-Occupied Housing in the Newhallville Neighborhood of New Haven

Student: Igor Panchenko

Mentor: Kagya Amoako

Catheter Fabrication and Nitric Oxide Release

Student: Justin Pantano

Mentor: Pier F. Cirillo

Templated Synthesis of Usnic Acid

Student: Jonathan Ramirez

Mentor: Amir Esmailpour

Software Defined Networks

Student: Andrea Silva

Mentor: Christina Zito

Molecular mechanisms by which HPV negative cervical cancer cells cycle and cause an increased cell growth

Student: Rebekah Stafford

Mentor: Melissa Whitson

Parental and Peer Attachment, Adjustment, and Mental Health in First-Year College Students

Student: Raeghan Steelberg

Mentor: David San Pietro

A Comparison of Quantitative Efficiencies of the ABI 7500 SDS (Real-Time PCR) versus Nanodrop Instrumentation

Student: Mark Verrilli

Mentor: David San Pietro

DNA Transfer Assessment

Student: Alicia Wagner

Mentor: Virginia Maxwell

Sequencing Strokes in a Crossed-Line Intersection Using UV-Vis MSP

Student: Mackenzie Whiting

Mentor: Claire Glynn

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of minute levels of saliva in expirated blood