Fall 2021 at the Tuscany Campus

We are looking forward to being able to return to many of our pre-pandemic norms in terms of experiential classes, international student life, travel, engagement with the host community, and many other staples of the University of New Haven Tuscany Campus experience. All information in this website section has been edited to pertain to Fall 2021.

Activities in Prato - Fall 2021

Despite these uncertain times, studying abroad remains one of the most beneficial and transformative personal experiences of your university career. In keeping with this promise the Tuscany Campus gives you many opportunities beyond the classroom to learn, explore, grow, and immerse yourself in Italian culture. Volunteering in the community, going on excursions, or playing a game of soccer with your classmates could be among the most memorable and meaningful experiences you’ll have abroad.

If the situation in Italy permits in Fall this year, the Prato Campus will offer its traditionally rich range of real-life immersive activities with the local community. In case any of these components are not possible or need to be postponed, staff have developed a dynamic and exciting range of alternatives, including a range of virtual volunteer opportunities, online conversation exchange with local Italian students, tailored expert ‘travel packs’ and allowances to help you explore Tuscany independently, and a massive choice of fun and educational in-house ‘Italian Culture Nights’ to keep our students happy, busy, and learning all the time.

Prato is a city with a lot to offer. The Tuscany Campus staff joins forces with local organizations to give you the chance to participate in a variety of activities, get to know other students, locals, and maybe even make new friends.

During our weekly conversation exchange, whether it’s face-to-face or online, you'll practice your Italian language skills with local students your age. If restrictions permit us to run our usual guided Friday trips, you’ll have the chance to explore other Tuscan cities, such as Florence, Pisa and Siena, delving into their history and traditions. If not, just attend one of our special virtual guided tours with an expert and then go visit independently. As a volunteer, whether in person or via our virtual placements, you’ll be able to give back to the community, make Italian friends, and cultivate important professional and personal skills.

In every one of these activities, you’ll strengthen each of the core competencies that are essential to prospective job seekers – leadership, critical thinking, communication, resilience, teamwork, and global and cultural awareness. There is something for everyone on the Tuscany Campus. The Competency Learning Experience (CLE) program at the University of New Haven enables students to optimize their experience as students while building skills that are essential for the future. The CLE is designed to instill in all students attributes that employers have identified as essential skills for prospective job seekers.

Co-Curricular Activities

The Tuscany Campus staff partners with local organizations to give you the chance to participate in a variety of activities, face-to-face as well as online. Below is a selection of activities from past semesters.

Volunteering In Prato

At the heart of the Prato Campus is the belief that students should strive to have a positive, useful and ethical impact on their surroundings. While studying in Prato, you’ll have the chance to volunteer with different local organizations like those featured here. They are all transformative and sustainable actions that require a spirit of respect, collaboration and compassion. The university will make every effort to give students the following opportunities, and will follow strict guidelines in order to safeguard student safety. If these opportunities are not available in Fall 2021 because of restrictions, students can choose one of our virtual volunteer activities which include writing, blogging, photography, translating and editing for local companies, news outlets, art centers, digital magazines and websites.


The University of New Haven program in Prato traditionally provides students with several accompanied educational excursions throughout the region of Tuscany. They are led by instructors such as Dean Murphy who is an art historian, or by professional licensed local guides such as Silvia Risaliti. Each excursion is a structured learning exercise aimed at helping students truly comprehend the cultural, social and artistic significance of the Italian cities in the modern world.

The Tuscany Campus staff coordinates private transportation and entrances to museums in accordance with strict guidelines to safeguard student health and safety. The exact itinerary of each trip, including access to museums and monuments, will depend on the regulations in place on the day.

If restrictions do not permit us to run any of those excursions, students can attend one of our special multimedia virtual guided tours with Dean Murphy, and then go visit independently armed with the Tuscany Campus ‘travel pack’ including maps, information on ‘must see’ monuments and tips for shopping and eats. The Tuscany Campus will also provide a financial allowance for those who explore these destinations independently to cover the cost of public transport, key museum entries and a snack.

Below is a selection of destinations offered in past semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fall 2021

For questions specific to the Tuscany Study Abroad program, please see our Tuscany Campus FAQ.

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