Fall 2021 at the Tuscany Campus

We are looking forward to being able to return to many of our pre-pandemic norms in terms of experiential classes, international student life, travel, engagement with the host community, and many other staples of the University of New Haven Tuscany Campus experience. All information in this website section has been edited to pertain to Fall 2021.

Fall 2021 - Academic Resources in Tuscany

All of your academic resources and facilities have been reimagined this year to make it possible for students to develop and succeed at the Tuscany Campus despite these challenging times. All courses can transition if necessary at any time from ‘in person’ to ‘hybrid’ or ‘remote’, and for this reason the availability and flexibility of academic staff and resources are a priority.

We are committed to ensuring you have the tools you need to excel in your classes while making the most of your time abroad. The same level of support that is available to you on the University's main campus will be provided to you during your time in Italy.

Tuscany Campus Resources

Academic Office and Student Success Assistants

At the Tuscany Campus, students can access resources and services to help them achieve academic success. The Prato Academic Office assists with class registration, information on academic programs, tips on study and time-management, and other academic success strategies. The Prato Academic Office supervises the Student Success Assistants, who are available to meet with students individually, in person or online, to help solve academic problems and stay on top of their studies.



Tuscany Campus Library
At the Prato Campus all of your required academic reading is available online at any time on the Canvas platform. The Tuscany Campus also maintains a library of books pertinent to many of the courses offered in Prato. If you cannot find what you need, you can also access the online resources offered through the University of New Haven’s library system, including an extensive collection of databases and e-books.

Biblioteca Lazzerini, (Lazzerini Library)
The Lazzerini library, the biggest in Prato, is located five minutes from the campus, behind the Textile Museum, and is also a meeting place for many young people in Prato. Inside, there are reading rooms, an internet point, Wi-Fi, and many foreign magazines. There is a café and a courtyard in front of the library where events are held.

Bibloteca delle Oblate, (Oblate Library)
The Oblate library in Florence is set in a former convent just a few blocks from the city’s cathedral (Duomo), and a few-minute walk from the main railway station. It offers books available for borrowing in Italian and other languages, including English; periodicals; CDs and DVDs; reading rooms; Wi-Fi access; cultural events; and a highly popular terrace café on its top floor with fabulous views of the cathedral dome. The library is a great place to study or learn a bit of Italian from the local students you’ll often meet there.

Bibloteca Roncioniana, (Roncioniana Library)
The Roncioniana Library is the oldest library in Prato, and was built between 1751 and 1766. It is conveniently located in Piazza San Francesco, right next to the campus buildings and dormitories. Students will find the Roncioniana provides the perfect environment for quiet study. The library is also worth a visit if only to admire the art and architecture of the interior. It houses a famous majolica sculpture by the fifteenth-century sculptor Andrea della Robbia, a beautiful reading room adorned with an eighteenth-century fresco by Luigi Catani, and two rare 16th-century Mercator globes.

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Success Coaches

Success coaches are an amazing tool to keep students on track in their studies, strengthen organizational skills, and learn about other resources on campus. First-year students will be able to attend a series of workshops to develop study and learning skills run by Prato Success Coaches. Upper-class students can get in touch with a success coach through the Prato Academic Office and Student Success Assistants.



To create a seamless network of support services, as well as to provide students in Prato with all the necessary resources you would normally have available during a regular semester on main campus, you can also access tutoring either in person or online. The Prato Academic Office and Student Success Assistants collaborate with the Center for Student Success (CSS) on main campus and are able to locate online or on-site tutors for most subjects.


Writing Hub

The Writing Hub provides an opportunity for students to meet individually or in a small group with an English professor or a writing tutor who has been formally trained at the main campus Writing Center. You can make appointments to tackle specific issues related to your written assignments or attend workshops focused on common writing mistakes. If necessary the Writing Hub is held online for individuals or groups of students.

West Haven Campus Resources
  • Academic Advisers

    Students can also email their assigned academic adviser for their degree program with any questions regarding their major and classes. Advisers are listed on the student's Degree Audit.

  • Accessibility Resource Center

    If you have learning accommodations, they should be registered with the Accessibility Resource Center. You will be able keep in touch with Accessibility Resource Center to ensure your accommodations while abroad.

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  • Center for Learning Resources

    If you are struggling in class, you can reach out to the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) on main campus in addition to your faculty on campus. You can contact the CLR via email to request online meetings with tutors who specialize in topics ranging from math and science to languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions specific to the Tuscany Study Abroad program, please see our Tuscany Campus FAQ.

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