Borrowing Privileges and Circulation Services for University of New Haven Students

Many of the items in our collection can be checked out by students including books, videos, CDs, and government documents. For additional information about privileges and services for students please ask at the Circulation Desk or call 203-932-7197.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I get a library card?

    Your University of New Haven Campus Card ID is your library card. Please present your Campus Card to the Circulation Desk Staff to check out materials. If you are not already in our system, we will have you fill out an application form which will allow us to enter in your information. If you do not already have a Campus Card you will need to obtain one at the Campus Card office in the University of New Haven Bookstore, located on the main campus, Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to noon and from 1:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Summer and evening hours will be posted. For more information about Campus Card, or to schedule an appointment for a different time, please call (203) 932-8324, option 3.

  • How long do books go out for?

    Below is a list of loan period conditions. Course reserve items usually have different loan periods, depending on the professor's preference.

    Books - 4 weeks; no check-out limit; unlimited renewals*

    Government Documents - 4 weeks; no check-out limit; unlimited renewals*

    Audiovisual Material (Videos, DVDs, music CDs) - 1 week; check-out limit: 5; no renewals.

    CD-ROMs - 4 weeks; check-out limit: 5; no renewals.

    (*unlimited renewals of items that are not overdue, placed on hold, or needed for Course Reserve)

  • Can I renew my books? How do I do this?

    Students may renew items as long as no one has a placed a hold on that item. Items can be renewed online up until the day before they are due. To renew books go to the library's homepage: /library. Click on "My Library Account" in the left-hand navigation. Enter your University of New Haven ID and your last name to see a listing of the items you have and to renew them. It is not possible to renew items over the phone.

    You can bring your books to the Circulation Desk to renew them, too, especially if you need to renew them after the due date.

    Course Reserve items may not be renewed.

  • My professor told me the library has a certain book. How do I find it?

    Your professor probably put this book on course reserve. Oftentimes, professors will take library materials, their own personal items, or photocopies and put them on course reserve. This makes it easier for students in a particular class to find materials their professors put aside for them. To search for items on Course Reserve go to the library's homepage /library and select "Course Reserves" in the left-hand navigation. You can search by instructor's name, department, or by course. Write down the name of the item and the call number and give it to the Circulation staff. The Circulation staff will retrieve the item for you and inform you of the load period and other special conditions.

    If your professor referred you to an item and it is not on course reserve, it might just be suggested reading. In this case you will have to search the library catalog to find out more about the item. You can search the library catalog by going to the library's homepage: /library, then click on "Catalog - University of New Haven" in the left-hand navigation. Ask at the Reference Desk for assistance.

    Additional information about Course Reserves for students is at /library/14051

  • I returned a book late and now I'm told I can't check out any more books. Why is this?

    If you returned an item late or lost it, you will have fees on your account.

    The fines depend on the item you have checked out:

    Circulating Book: 5¢ per day, maxes out at $5.00
    Video Cassette: 5¢ per day
    Overnight Reserves, 2-5 Day and One Week Reserves: 50¢ per day, maxes out at $25.00
    Closed Reserves: $24.00 per day, Not to be taken out of the Library

    Once your fees add up to $5.00 your account will be restricted. You need to take care of these obligations in order to borrow books again. If you have lost an item you will need to return it or pay the replacement cost before you can borrow books again. For more information, ask at the Circulation Desk.

  • I checked out a book and now I can't find it.

    If you checked out a circulating item and it is more than five weeks overdue your overdue fine will max out at $5.00. You will also be responsible for replacing the item if you lost it. The standard charge for a lost book is $40.00 plus a $5.00 processing fee. Therefore, if you have late fines on a lost book your total fines would be $50.00.

    If the item you lost was on Course Reserve there is a good chance the item was a personal copy belonging to your professor. In that case, payment and replacement would be assessed on an individual basis.

  • I paid for a book I lost but now I found it. Can I have my money back?

    Once you pay for the lost book you have up to two months to be refunded the $45.00 replacement cost if you find and return the item. The $5.00 overdue fine cannot be refunded. If you paid your bill at the Bursar's Office you must go to the Bursar's Office to be refunded. Once you return the lost item to the Library we will notify the Bursar you are due a refund of $45.00 per item.

  • I wanted to check out a book but I couldn't find it on the shelf.

    Ask at the Reference Desk if you are having trouble locating materials. The item may be in a different location or it might be checked out. After the Librarian helps you check the item's record and checks the shelf, he or she might recommend you fill out a missing book form. Circulation Staff will search for this item every Monday for a month. If it is found, you will be notified. If it is not found, we suggest that you place an Interlibrary Loan request, so we can get you this item from another library. For more about this service, please see the page Interlibrary Loan Services for Students.

  • I want to borrow a book but someone else has checked it out. Can I be next in line?

    What you want to do is place a hold on the item. Placing a hold will ensure that the person who checked it out cannot renew the item. It will also allow you to be notified as soon as the item is returned. Search for the item you want in the library's catalog. Click on the red button "request" at the top of the screen. Enter your University of New Haven ID number and last name. Select "hold". Fill out the form and then click "submit request". The library's Circulation Staff will contact you when the item is available.

    Holds may not be placed on Course Reserve items.

  • Where do I return books?

    You may return books either to the book drop inside the library at the left of the library Circulation Desk or the outside book drop at the parking lot level to the right of the receiving door.

  • Can I check out journals?

    Journals are to be used in the library only. You can make photocopies of journal articles using the photocopy machines on the lower level and on the entry level. Copies are 10¢ per page. The library also has many databases with full-text journal articles. These can be used in the library and from home. Please ask at the Reference Desk for more information.

  • The librarian told me the journal article I want is on microfilm. How do I find this?

    Take your journal citation to the Circulation Desk. The staff there will find the article and load it onto a microform machine. They will show you how to use the machine and how to print. Printing from microform is free.

  • Where are the computer printers?

    The library has two networked computer printers, which are connected to all of the computers. The printers are located on the Entry Level. You must bring your University of New Haven ID to print. Swipe your University of New Haven ID on the Pharos computer to release your print job. We also provide staplers, a hole punch, and paper clips for your convenience.

  • I left my USB drive at the library yesterday. Where can I find it?

    Whenever students leave items at the library, we first ask them to look around the area where they were working. We also have a Lost and Found box at the Circulation Desk. We will hold small items such as computer disks, books, gloves, etc. Valuables such as laptops, wallets, and purses will be handed over to University Police whenever they are found.

  • I heard there are study rooms in the library. How can I use one?

    There are several study rooms available for University of New Haven students in the library. You can request a room at the Circulation Desk. Reservations may be made up to a month in advance. Staff will tell you if there is a room available and will have you fill out a form and hold your University of New Haven ID while you use the room. The room may be used for four hours at a time. There is no eating or drinking in these rooms. Please note they will be inspected after you leave and you will be held responsible for the condition of the room. If the room is in poor condition on arrival please report this to Circulation Staff at once.

  • I want to use a book but the catalog says it is a Government Document. How do I get it?

    As a partial depository library, we have a collection of U.S. Government Documents. Some are integrated into our Reference and Circulation collections. Most are kept in the Government Documents room. Ask a Reference Librarian to help you retrieve a government document. Most of the newer publications are available in full-text online. Others can be retrieved from the Government Document room by a librarian. The librarian will bring this item to the Circulation Desk for you to use. These items can also be checked out. Ask at the Reference Desk for more information.

    For additional information please ask at the Circulation Desk, call 203-932-7197, or e-mail us.