Restorative Justice Goals

A major goal for the state’s Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee (coordinated by TYJI) is to increase the rate of diversion for children in our state who might otherwise enter into the Juvenile Justice system. With a cross-agency effort to increase focused, evidenced-based diversion tactics within schools, law-enforcement agencies and the community at-large, Restorative Justice has become one of the key avenues by which our state can increase diversion efforts.

As a part of the Juvenile Diversion Certificate program through Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, the multi-agency Connecticut team will complete a Capstone Project aimed at enhancing the Juvenile Review Board system and establishing restorative justice practices. Three main components for the project include creating and implementing a manual of standard policies and protocols; identifying and implementing a universal screening tool for utilization with JRB referrals; and infusing restorative practices into the JRB diversion system. Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee Strategic Goals Recommendations for Discussion and Adoption January 2016

Through the implementation of Restorative Justice Practices within the Juvenile Review Boards, we hope to see greater outcomes for our youth who are diverted from court and given the opportunity to address their behavior in a pro-social, strengths-focused ways.

In addition, TYJI began work on the Restorative Justice Practices Project in the fall of 2016. As a part of the Child Health and Development Institute’s School-Based Diversion Initiative, TYJI provides training and technical assistance to Connecticut’s alliance school districts participating in the SBDI model.

TYJI aspires to one day become a resource and training ‘hub’ within the state of Connecticut for any and all practitioners and communities focused on increasing the implementation and awareness of Restorative Justice. Check back for updates on our RJ planning and implementation!