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Ongoing Research Projects


At the July JJPOC meeting, Dr. Danielle Cooper provided Recommendations and Findings from the Study of Multi-Agency Data (2005-2015).

At the October JJPOC meeting, Dr. Danielle Cooper provided Recommendations and Findings from the Study of Community-Based Programs and Services.

Recently Released Reports

Survey of Truancy Intervention Models 2017: Inventory and Summary of Findings

The following are some of the projects the Research Team is working on:

CT Juvenile Correctional Facilities: A study of youth in confinement (Phase I) focuses on state- run facilities, with the goal of investigating the relationship between conditions of confinement and various well-being outcomes such as mental health and recidivism and analyzed by demographic variables (i.e., age, gender, race, etc.) of those youth post release from the facilities.

State-funded Privately Operated Congregate Care: A Study of the Network of Residential Programs for Juvenile Offenders (Phase II) identifies the scope and capacities of the existing state-funded network of privately operated residential programs for pre-trial and adjudicated juvenile offenders and to identify options for expansion. It also aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the network in meeting the needs of pre-trial and adjudicated/convicted juvenile offenders.

The Pre- and Post-Assessment of Community-Based Programs and Recidivism Outcomes Study contrasts changes in community-based programs, the demographic characteristics of youths served, and recidivism outcomes leading up to and throughout the implementation of Connecticut’s Public Act 07-04, known as the Raise the Age (RtA) legislation. This study also addresses the legislative mandate stated in Public Act 14-217, which calls for an assessment of community-based programs.

Video Review of Use of Restraint in State-run Facilities evaluates if videos of incidents and incident report from January 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2016 are in violation of disciplinary practices. As part of the JJPOC legislations, this project augments Congregate Care Phase I. Using data that has been collected from state agencies; sample videos will be reviewed to determine if what is being coded is a good reflection of the incidents that are reported. Commentary will also be made based the reviewed disciplinary actions taken.

Interviews with Youth Detained or Committed in State-run Facilities involves conducting interviews with youth who have been either adjudicated delinquent and who been have committed to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or youth who have been found guilty and have been committed to the Department of Corrections (DOC). Youth who are on probation who received pretrial detention will also be interviewed. This interview is compromised of 10 questions which includes questions that highlight a youth’s understanding of the rules, the supervision of the facility, the perception of social support (both in and outside of their facilities), and their perceptions of the use of punishment within facilities.