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About TYJI Research

The overarching goal of the Institute was and is to keep reform of the juvenile justice system front and center. It fulfills this challenge in many ways including through its Leadership Development Program, its new college concentration on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and its expanded list of internships and other experiential opportunities for our students.

Another and very important way the TYJI keeps reform on the state’s radar screen is through research. This team of professors and students seek to identify new and improved ways of responding to youthful offending through a data-driven lens that helps us to implement evidence based programs and policies in juvenile justice. The Director of Research for TYJI, Dr. Danielle Cooper, heads the team of research undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students. The team works on research projects for the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee (JJPOC) and agencies outside of JJPOC. Our students provide research that focuses on juvenile justice matters with a goal of identifying opportunities for policy change.

The two primary focus areas for the team are:

  • Research and evaluation that inform policy, planning, development, and implementation in order to elevate evidence based practices and programs for youth involved in the juvenile and criminal justice system.
  • Engage with youth serving organizations that focus on youth justice reform such as advocacy groups, community agencies, state agencies, national juvenile justice organizations, public school systems and more, to collaborate on evidence-based youth justice reform.

Members of the research team often attend the JJPOC meetings and the JJPOC workgroup meetings on Diversion, Incarceration and Recidivism. This offers students exposure to a wide array of individuals working in the field which provides a deeper, practical understanding of reform and the research they are working on to support it.

For students interested in becoming a member of the TYJI Research Team, email Dr. Danielle Cooper, Director of Research for TYJI and Assistant Professor.