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Publications Authored by Center Faculty

Palmbach, T., Blom, J., Hoynes, E., Primorac, D., Gaboury, M., "Utilizing DNA Analysis to Combat the World Wide Plague of Present Day Slavery – Trafficking in Persons," Croat Med J., 2013: 54:dol.10.3325/cmj.2013.54.

Palmbach, T. "Mia’s Story: How DNA Analysis Could Have Changed Her Life."  Available from

Lee, H., Palmbach, T., Andelinovic, S., Primorac, D. "Collection and Preservation of Physical Evidence",  Forensic DNA Applications – An Interdisciplinary Perspective, edited by D. Primorac and M. Schanfield, CRC Press, January 28, 2014.  Moynihan, B. and Gaboury, M.T., Human Trafficking – Modern Day Slavery, (2013) In Hammer, R.,


Assessment and Investigative Projects

Governor’s Task Force on Justice for Abused Children: DMST and MDT Committees Prof Palmbach is a general member and Chair of Training Sub-Committee
CT Department of Children and Families/New Haven Police Department/ University of New Haven Human Trafficking Capacity Building Partnership
Professor Palmbach and Dr. Moynihan are projects managers for this program. Included support with computer based investigations and provided full time analytic staffing to assist with investigations.
Trafficking in Persons Assessment and Investigative Team: Physical Evidence – DNA Collection Team Member
Conducted in Costa Rica, August 2013
In conjunction with Global Sentry Group (NGO)
Trafficking in Persons Assessment and Investigative Team: Physical Evidence – DNA Collection Team Member
Conducted in Nepal, September 2013
In conjunction with Global Sentry Group, and Tiny Hands International - Nepal (NGO’s)
Investigative Assistance and Training to Undisclosed Police Agency in Pennsylvania
Worked with investigative personnel on DNA collection methods for human trafficking investigations. In addition established an online data collection system and basic database and provided analytic staff to assist with online investigations.


Conferences / Training Programs Hosted by Center

July 15-16, 2016: "The Road Less Traveled: Trafficked Persons in the Shadows", Hosted and held at University of New Haven.
June 24, 2106: "Sex Trafficking in Our Schools" in conjunction with Connecticut State Police, law enforcement training specifically designed for School resource Officers.
January 2016: Provided Training to members of US Attorney’s Office Task Force on Human Trafficking, New Haven CT, focused on use of analytic tools and online investigations.
December 2015: Hosted training for newly appointed members of the US Attorney’s Office Task Force on Human Trafficking, held at Orange Campus.
July 2015: Hosted training at Orange Campus, "Advanced Human Trafficking Investigation Training", provided to law enforcement and DCF investigators, instructed by staff of Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute.


Training Programs

December - 2015
Judicial Police (OIJ) Training Seminar, San Jose, CR
Using Analytics to Assist in Human Trafficking Investigations

November - 2015
Together Lets Stop Traffick – Great Summit, CA
Utilizing Biometrics in Human Trafficking Case Work

November - 2015
Grace Farms Justice Initiative, CT
Law Enforcement Strategies Workshop – Analytics

July - 2014
Poland National: Police Headquarters
Using DNA Analysis to Assist with Investigations of Human Trafficking


Professional Lectures

March – 2016
National Missing Persons Conference – Sponsored by CUE
Use of Biometrics to Aid in Missing Person Cases

April – 2016
Western New England University
Applications of Forensic Science for Human Trafficking Cases

April – 2016
Lecture – Penn State Harrisburg Campus
Utilizing Biometrics and DNA in the Battle Against Human Trafficking

August - 2015
International Police Executive Symposium, Thailand
Use of DNA to Combat Human Trafficking

October - 2014
International Symposium on Human Identification
Fighting Trafficking in Persons with the Aid of DNA Technologies

September – 2014
Global Identity Summit
Rapid DNA Panel – Using Rapid DNA for TIP Investigations

May – 2014
Bode Corp.: Annual DNA Technical Workshop
Human Trafficking: A Global Problem

September – 2013
Presentation to Attorney General Of Nepal and Prosecutors
Value of Forensic Science in cases Involving Human Trafficking

April – 2013
University of Verona, Italy
Combating Human Trafficking with Science and Medicine


Other Activities

Connecticut Trafficking in Persons Council
Dr. Gaboury has been a member since 2006, representing Social Justice and Human Rights Issues

Journal of Human Trafficking
New to Routledge in 2015
Prof. Palmbach is and Editorial Board Member

Journal of Forensic Research and Criminal Studies (JFRCS) JScholar
Prof. Palmbach is and Editorial Board Member

Investigative Sciences Journal (JIS)
Prof. Palmbach is and Editorial Board Member