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Wiggin & Dana LLP

As a founding sponsor of the University of New Haven's Center for Family Business, Wiggin & Dana is sensitive to the unique concerns of the closely held and family business.

Brief Overview

Wiggin & Dana represents a wide range of family businesses. Some are large companies considering public securities offerings, and others are small, closely held firms. Regardless of the size of the family business, the need to integrate business and personal objectives into one comprehensive and cohesive plan is paramount. In response to our clients' needs, Wiggin & Dana has established a "Family Business Practice Group" to address the unique issues and concerns of the family business.

The Family Business Practice Group draws on firm lawyers whose skills are typically employed by family business clients. The lawyers in the Family Business Practice Group are particularly attuned to the issues that arise in a family business, and work closely with each other to provide legal services tailored to the needs of each family business client. Because our lawyers are experts in a wide variety of fields, we can provide services efficiently and at very reasonable cost.

Business and tax lawyers draft shareholder voting agreements, stock purchase agreements, employment agreements and handle many other general business matters. Tax lawyers design estate planning programs and employee benefit arrangements. Other lawyers are also available to provide expertise in litigation, real estate, and intellectual property, among other fields.

Wiggin & Dana partners take the time to understand each client's needs and goals and become knowledgeable about the client's business and the industry. This focused approach enables the firm to provide intelligent, practical, and cost-effective counsel to a family business.

Founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1934 with predecessor firms dating back to the 19th century, Wiggin & Dana has more than 150 lawyers in five offices. The firm’s expertise includes all forms of litigation and dispute resolution, antitrust, securities law, labor and employment, benefits, complex corporate and real estate transactions, health care and estate planning and administration. For more information on the firm visit our website at www.wiggin.com.

Attorneys in the Family Business Practice Group

Leonard Leader, Group Chair
(203) 363-7602

David W. Kesner
(203) 498-4406

Karen L. Clute
(203) 498-4349

Norman J. Fleming

(203) 498-4328

Peter H. Gruen
(203) 498-4357

Michael Grundei
(203) 363-7630

Mark Kaduboski
(203) 363-7627

Charles C. Kingsley
(203) 498-4307