Provost Search

The President and community of the University of New Haven invite applications and nominations for the position of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost & VPAA). The University is seeking a Provost & VPAA who will inspire excellence and innovation in pedagogy, student learning, and academic programs and who embraces the University’s mission and core values. The Provost & VPAA is expected to take office in January of 2022.

This website will be used to provide information and updates about the search.


Welcome From the Search Committee Co-Chairs

Greetings, and Welcome to the UNH Provost Search Webpage

In July 2021, President Kaplan announced a nationwide search for a permanent Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The UNH Provost Search Committee has been created and is charged with providing the president a short list of innovative individuals qualified to lead UNH into its second century as our next provost and VPAA. This committee’s members represent a range of stakeholders, including faculty, students, administrators, and staff. Additionally, consultants from Academic Search are providing guidance in the search: Cynthia Patterson (senior consultant) and Maria Thompson (senior consultant)

This website has been established to provide information and updates about the search process. The committee is committed to having an inclusive and transparent search, with numerous opportunities for the University community to participate and provide input. In furtherance of this effort, a Search Prospectus has been created containing our Agenda for Leadership that details the experience and qualifications we seek in the next provost. We ask you to read the prospectus and share your thoughts with us at

Thank you for any suggestions/feedback you would like to provide. We will update this site as needed to ensure that our community is kept abreast of the progress of the search.

We look forward to leading this committee and welcoming a permanent provost in early 2022.


Alexandria Guzmán, PhD
Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

Greg Eichhorn, MBA
Vice President for Enrollment & Student Success



July 2021:

  • President Kaplan announces Provost Search
  • Search Committee formed

August 2021:

  • Search co-chairs meet with search consultants to review materials, timeline, and process.
  • President Kaplan charges the committee and establishes priorities for the successful candidate
  • Search committee reviews materials, timeline, and process with the search firm, Academic Search

Early September 2021:

  • Search website is launched establishing a place where information on the search can be ascertained

Late September 2021:

  • Application deadline for full consideration

Early October 2021:

  • October 7 - Search Committee narrowed pool of candidates to 10 semifinalists

Mid-Late October 2021:

  • October 18 & 19 - Search Committee conducts interviews with semifinalist candidates
  • Search Committee recommends finalist candidates for campus visits

Early November 2021:

  • Finalists visit campus for two days and meet with a wide range of campus constituent groups
  • Committee provides formal and informal opportunities for the university community to express confidential comments regarding each finalist

Mid-November 2021:

  • Search Committee deliberates and prepares an appraisal of each finalist
  • The appraisal is presented, in writing, to President Kaplan
  • President Kaplan deliberates and makes offer

December 2021:

  • Appointment is made
  • UNH announces the new Provost and VPAA to the University Community and the public

Early 2022:

  • New Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs takes office


Search Committee

University of New Haven:

  • Co-chair - Alexandria Guzmán, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology
  • Co-chair - Greg Eichhorn, Vice President for Enrollment & Student Success
  • Sofia Martinez, President, Undergraduate Student Government Association
  • Leah Hartman, Distinguished Lecturer, Finance Program Coordinator, Pompea College of Business
  • Virginia Maxwell, Professor, Assistant Dean, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
  • Chong Qiu, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Tagliatela College of Engineering
  • Patrick Rivers, Associate Professor, Music Industry Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Michael Urban, Senior Lecturer, Director of Doctorate in OT Program, School of Health Sciences
  • Jennifer Cinque, Associate Vice President for HR and Organizational Development
  • Matt Caporale, Executive Director of Career Development

Academic Search Consultants:


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is confidentiality so important in a search process?

    Many candidates will hold key positions at other institutions and will submit an application only if confidentiality is guaranteed. Members of the search committee have signed an agreement that secures confidentiality for all discussions, documents, and deliberations related to the search. For your information, a copy of the confidentiality statement guiding the work of the search committee is available on this website.

  • What is the role of the search committee chairs?

    The search chairs are the official spokespersons for the search committee and, thus, the only individuals authorized to speak on behalf of the search committee and the search process. The chairs will provide regular updates to the campus community and can address any questions or concerns from members of the community through the duration of the search.

  • What information can search committee members share with me?

    The information search committee members are able to share with the campus community is limited. The committee members are bound by a code of ethics that requires they not share any information discussed during search committee meetings, nor any information related to candidates, even after the search has closed.

  • Whom do I contact if I want to share specific information or if I have a question about the search?

    Please contact the search chairs or search consultants with any information or questions.

  • Will there be regular updates on the search?

    Yes, the search chairs will provide regular updates to the campus community at critical points in the search, and these updates will be posted to this website.

  • How can I make a nomination?

    There is an online and confidential nomination form on this website. If you are considering nominating someone, please carefully review the qualifications and experiences as outlined in the position profile before submitting a nomination. Your nomination will go directly to the search consultants, who will reach out to the nominee. The search consultants will not provide your name to the nominee, but you are free to do so.

  • Are internal candidates treated any differently from external candidates?

    Internal candidates are vetted in the same way as external candidates. All candidates are assessed based on the criteria identified in the position profile. The committee very carefully selects the strongest candidates, either internal or external, for further consideration based on the required and desired qualifications.

  • How will members of the campus community participate in the search process?

    Many members of the campus community met with the consultants during the initial campus visit. The information shared during this visit is particularly valuable during the recruiting phase of the search process.

    After finalist candidates are selected, members of the community will be strongly encouraged to meet with each of them during their visit to campus. In addition to a campus-wide open forum, finalists will meet one-on-one and in small groups with key constituents. A confidential online survey will be distributed to all individuals who have met with the finalist candidates to ensure that feedback is gathered on the finalist candidates. This feedback will be shared with the search committee members and hiring authority as they deliberate on the strengths and concerns of each of the finalist candidates.

  • Will I have an opportunity to share my opinion of the finalists with the search committee?

    Yes, in addition to sharing your feedback on finalists through the confidential online survey, you can share your thoughts with members of the search committee.

  • When will the appointee take office?

    The new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is expected to assume office in January 2022.