Directory Information

The University is responsible for effectively supervising any access to and/or release of official directory information about students. In connection with University commencements, dean's list announcements, scholarship presentations, athletic contests, or other university-related news stories, University offices may have occasion to release information about a student.

At its discretion, the University may provide the following directory information regarding students without their consent: name, address (local and permanent); telephone number; email address; date and place of birth; major; student activities including athletics; weight and height (of athletic team members); dates of attendance; date of graduation; degrees, honors, and awards received and where received; most recent educational institution attended; photographs; and the names and addresses of parents, guardians, or spouses. Such information is considered part of the public record of the student's attendance.

A student may request that any of this information not be made public. To protect this information from public release, complete the Request to Withhold Directory Information Form , sign and date it, and return it to the Office of the University Registrar, located in The One Stop in Bergami Hall. The request shall remain in effect until revoked by the student in writing to the Office of the University Registrar.